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Posted by on Dec 22, 2009 in Humanism | 0 comments

Anti-Homosexual rallies in Kampala (received today)

Folks, homophobia is the greatest test humanists are facing today in Uganda. As I write this piece, demonstrators – a bunch of youth led by Uganda’s thieving and hypocritical pastors are- covering the entire Kampala city with vehicles loaded with mega speakers and hundreds of youth shouting all sorts of insults at the Danish embassy, very near to my office, they are doing this to all foreign embassies that have recently come out to speak for tolerance and a need to observe human rights laws.

Two days ago, leading law dons in Uganda held a joint conference with anti gay legislators and the conference become an arena in which the legislators warned that the law is to be passed and all of us who in one way or another are promoting human rights and calling for a review of the anti homosexuality bill were warned of the impending dangers.

Friends, its going to be hard to research, write a book or even be associated with gays as the bill makes it criminal. I am writing a book on homosexuality and data collection on this issue is on going. With this law, I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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