• Mistakes.

    On August 20 of this year, Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms, a subsidiary of religious right hate group the American Family Association, made this post to the AFA’s website:

    God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

    She called for a boycott of “I Am Jazz,” the new (over the summer) reality TV series on the basic-cable channel, TLC. Jazz Jennings, the star, is an extraordinary teenage transgender girl who first entered the news over a decade ago, when she came out as transgender at a very young age.

    Cole has this to say about I Am Jazz:

    The show is attempting to normalize the transgender lifestyle and make it appear OK while using a young cast member to lure a young audience. This docu-series is about the real life of a young person and that will attract young viewers to watch.

    Of course, being transgender isn’t a “lifestyle,” any more than having green eyes or detached earlobes is a “lifestyle.” Otherwise, it’s curious wording for a piece meant to encourage a boycott. The show is “about the real life of a young person”? Ooh, sick burn!

    When I read this post back in August, I keyed on the headline, which is a common argument among the homophobic and transphobic religious right. I submitted this thought, verbatim, to the comment section:

    God makes mistakes all the time: congenital heart conditions, missing limbs, cystic fibrosis, many other conditions present at birth. God’s seemingly a very poor craftsman.

    And some people are born transgender. It’s not for anyone other than the person so afflicted to decide what to do about it, but it IS on Christians to love and support such persons regardless.

    Every treatment for gender dysphoria other than a gender transition has been found to be ineffective. Allowing transgender people to transition, and supporting them through their transition, makes them happier, healthier, and more productive citizens. There is nothing about that that is opposed to God.

    The site administrator (or perhaps Ms. Cole herself!) promptly deleted the comment. This is how the religious right typically deals with criticism and opposing views: block them from sight and pretend they don’t exist.

    Disqus, bless its electronic heart, preserved my deathless language for me to re-post here. Monica Cole and her mob of malignant matrons (which, I suspect, numbers significantly less than one million) cannot suppress truth outside their dingy cave of ignorance! I reproduce it here, where OMM can never delete it!

    Please share widely.

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    Article by: Vandy Beth Glenn

    I'm a writer, editor, runner, and bon vivant in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.
    • Phreno

      being transsexual is not a lifestyle. identifying as ‘transgender’ most certainly is.

      • Saying that doesn’t make it true.

        • Phreno

          Correct, but I’m not the one with the burden of proof here.

          • I’m not sure either of us has a burden of proof; what does it even mean when the religious right dismisses being gay or transgender as a “lifestyle”? When I use the word “lifestyle,” I think of whether I want to live in a condo or a house, or what hobbies I like to engage in. The word has nothing to do with inborn traits like sexual orientation or gender identity.

            Is there a heterosexual “lifestyle”? Is gender conformity a “lifestyle”?

            • Phreno

              Engaging in stereotypical behaviour and adhering to behavioural in-group norms, adapting certain dresscodes, adapting an additional in-group language… yes, these things constitute a ‘lifestyle’.

              the default state has no need for any of these identifiers, so no – no such thing as a heterosexual lifestyle.

            • Nothing you described in your first paragraph is involved in defining sexual orientation or gender identity.

            • TheBooogeyMan

              Oh does it not?

              I wonder where this fine new vocabulary comes from, which graced us with poetic gems like “transmisogyny”, “misgendering”, “deadname”, “CIS”, and “truscum”.

              Still my personal favorite: Nat Reed’s “DIE CIS SCUM” jacket.

              And let’s never mention the rabid and sick shit these people talk on social media platforms. Never. Because it would clearly demonstrate that the lot of them is a bunch of deluded dick-swingers in drag who think that putting on a cheap wig and lots of lipstick entitles them to invading women’s spaces and entitles them to other people’s sexuality as well. Anyone remember the female lesbian porn producer who got blasted on Twitter for not wanting to film with penis-packing transgenderists ? I do. And I think feminists have a term for this: Rape Culture.

              So yea, there are transsexuals, and then there are “these” people. I can fully understand the transsexuals who dissociate themselves from these creepers as firmly as possible.

              And don’t say all these things have nothing to with gender. They have everything to do with it. These peoples’ entire lives revolve around their alleged “transgenderism”.