• Hear that? That’s the Culture Shifting.

    After the Bruce Jenner interview on ABC, in which Jenner came out as transgender and Republican, the conservative National Review Online aggregated a few tweets about mean, mean liberals expressing intolerance of Jenner’s conservatism.

    Today, while working on something else, I looked for the hateful, deceptive article about Laverne Cox that Kevin D. Williamson posted on NRO last summer, and which I wrote a post about here.

    It’s gone. Apparently Jenner’s coming-out and self-labeling as Republican was all the National Review needed to evolve on the issue of transgender acceptance.

    That’s my guess, anyway, and I’m open to other interpretations. Do any of you out there think this means something else?

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    Article by: Vandy Beth Glenn

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    • Apparently, the Chicago Sun-Times remains unregenerate.


      • Vandy Beth Glenn

        Interesting, since the Sun-Times made a big show of taking down the column after the outcry when they reprinted it.

    • This reminds of a recent edition of This American Life about people who change their minds on serious and emotionally charged issues like abortion and gay marriage: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/555/the-incredible-rarity-of-changing-your-mind

      Part of the show is about how entrenched opponents to abortion or gay marriage changed their minds after ~15-20 minutes talking to an advocate. That is, they changed their mind due to the visit. Also the effect was long-lasting, they did not change back when checked a year later. The trick of it was the person they were speaking to had to be a gay person or woman who’d had an abortion or whatever (it works as well in the other political direction, too).

      But it really does seem like having to face and interact with person of group X you otherwise disregard and marginalize and are directly pressed on the issue can change minds. It doesn’t work most of the time, the success rate was 10-15% I think? Still, it’s a wonder it worked at all.

      • Vandy Beth Glenn

        This is why Bruce Jenner’s coming-out is so important, as I argued in my personal blog (vandybethglenn.com/bruce-jenner/). Sure, Jenner is white, conservative, and financially secure, unlike most transgender people.

        But that’s how you get the white, conservative, and financially secure to accept transgender people.