• An announcement: a fond farewell

    It comes with much sadness, in many ways, that I say goodbye to SIN (though I will no doubt continue to sin) over the next few days. I have been offered a place at Patheos and have accepted. Patheos is a big old network, and I am flattered to have been offered a place. The decision was based purely on needs, and the fact that, one way or another, there will be changes to my life that require me to make certain decisions (yes, that is cryptic, but that’s the way it has to be right now).

    SIN is awesome, and here’s for why. Ed Clint has made this a truly beautiful site, with it’s clean lines, cool feel and aesthetic modernity. It really is the nicest looking network I know. And I can write what I want, in whatever way I want. No, this decision is mercenary.

    Ed has collected a disparate bunch of good people here, many of whom I talk to daily on facebook, so it won’t necessarily be a social upheaval. Blogging becomes a way of life, and the amount of output I have produced, becomes rather consuming. So it’s important to me. These people are important to me.

    I must really thank Ed (and John Loftus) who put this network together and originally asked me to join them. A risk, perhaps. But my blog has become one of the most popular here, and I have them to thank for the opportunity. The network has nurtured me, and given me every chance to develop and find an audience. This has been vital to allowing me to become who I am.

    I hope you will come with me. I value your comments and input more than I can adequately communicate in words, here. It’s why I do what I do. You sharpen me towards a greater pinnacle of truth.

    But I also hope you will stay around here and support the wonderful people here.

    I would like to give my heartfelt appreciation and love to the people here. Apart from Caleb Lack. He speak funny. And pretends to do science.

    Oh, go on, and Caleb.

    What a lovely bunch of peeps. Watch out for continuing fiction out put from Rebecca Bradley and myself on our Loom imprint.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • PaulSJenkins

      Not exactly a surprise Johno :-)

      Will your archived posts remain at SIN or are you porting them over to Patheos? (You can probably guess why I’m asking this.)

      • Hi Paul. The way I understand it, the posts will be archived for a while, while they get migrated with the comments. The poss will be redirected until the internet recognises their new destination.

    • Geoff Benson

      Well there’s a turn up for the books!

      Good luck at Patheos, where I intend I will continue to follow your philosolophical thoughts.

    • im-skeptical

      I’ll be there. Good luck.

    • ncovington89

      Can you take me with you? ; )

    • Interesting. Jerry Coyne had rejected Patheos.

      • Geoff Benson

        I didn’t know that. I like Jerry Coyne, but perhaps he just wanted to do his own thing.

        Incidentally he’s speaking at an annual BHA event in London in February, with Richard Dawkins chairing. I’ve booked a ticket, and look forward to hearing him speak.

        • Coyne didn’t like how commercialized Patheos is. His blog is ad-free and he wants it to stay that way.

          • epicurus

            All the ads on Patheos wreak havoc on my old iPad 2 – the pages stutter and jump around. I usually switch to my laptop because I’m too cheap to buy a new tablet.

            • Thanks for the feedback – I’ll pass that on!

            • Thanks, I’ll feed that back to them.

            • Geoff Benson

              Several sites do that to me, but I suppose I learn to work round the problems. Ultimately, however, I spend less time on such sites so it is worth addressing. I use an iPad for 90% of my net browsing.

    • epicurus

      I like the Cross Examined blog on Patheos, now I can check you out there as well. I recommended your Nativity book in the comments on the latest post at CS:


      • I was interested in one of his pieces on the Kalam, which I have just finished a book about.

    • JohnM

      Nooo dont leave us :P <3

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    • Reynoldsp56

      When do you start at Patheos?