• Kalam Cosmological Argument Book Update

    I wrote my dissertation for my Masters in Philosophy on the Kalam Cosmological Argument. It was a firm favourite topic of mine for some time. As a result, I was always planning on converting my dissertation into a book. Well, over the last few days, I have resurrected the idea and am happily thundering my way through my paper.

    I love it. Good stuff. It’s funny when you look at your own writing after ages of not reading it and it feels as if the person writing it was someone else. You end up agreeing and nodding as if to shout,”Yes, Yes! I totally agree with you!” But, of course, the “you” is “me”. And then we get on to the good old problem of whether the continuous “I” exists (I maintain it doesn’t, in some sense).

    Anyway, just to let you know that the project has been resurrected and is gaining momentum.


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • pboyfloyd

      Is your reason that the Kalam fails that it’s bait and switch.
      Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
      This is true, but it’s not the whole truth. Everything that begins to exist(that is more than just a concept) always has material cause.
      Sure Michaelangelo is the cause of the statue of David, but without the marble there could not be a statue of David.
      But it’s understood by us that there is material used by our material bodies to create everything that we see that began to exist. Understood so well in fact that it’s pretty much taken for granted to the point of not being noticed by anyone believing that ‘Everything that begins to exist has a(singular) cause.(that cause being an intelligent agent, of course)

      To say that the universe began to exist, ergo it had a cause, to me, is saying that something caused all the material to come into being, which is a switch since no agent of the kind from the first premise,
      I’m not sure that it was well understood how stars came to be but gravity is the cause of the material gathering together and creating a fusion process. An example of a non-thinking agent(if it is thought of as an agent).

      So, a carpenter makes a chair, a sculptor makes a statue, a baker makes a cake etc. etc. are the kinds of things that are put forward as examples of things which began to exist, in this universe and they are not at all analogous to a universe as a whole coming into being.
      If we take the material for granted as far as everything is concerned, all we’re left with are concepts, and if that makes God a concept, that’s fine but don’t try to confuse that with material existence, don’t try to throw material into the mix.

    • Josh

      The self is an ex post facto analytic construction of language, as Nietzsche always knew!