• Republican vs Democrat leaders’ debates: a concise synopsis

    Caleb Lack (fellow SINner at Great Plains Skeptic), on facebook, succinctly stated:

    So, I watched the whole Dem debate, just like I watched the whole Repub one. My takeaway:

    Dem candidates want positive change and have ideas how to accomplish it. Most are playing to a sense of community and pride in what we can be.

    Repub candidates want to show you how much they hate various things and people, and want to play to your negative emotions (fear and hate, in particular).

    To me, this sums up the difference so obviously exemplified by the candidates, not only in debate, but in pretty much everything they say. Nuff said.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Wise words, those. Probably a damn fine writer.

    • Geoff Benson

      The comment is reminiscent of the gun discussions that have been taking place here recently. There are those who want to see a lessening of violence and have proposals that might help to achieve this. They are then shouted down by those who claim also want to see a reduction in gun violence, and I’m sure are genuine in this, but aren’t prepared to make any form of compromise whatever. They say they have lots of positive suggestions but, in reality, all they do is trot out the usual, repetitive, second amendment rights thing.

    • Geoff_Roberts

      I will take the contrarian position. The Democrats want to spend us into oblivion and operate in a fantasy world where real world consequences don’t seem to matter. For example, where is there any concern with our exploding national debt? Sanders’ wants to spend an additional 18 trillion dollars over the next ten years on free stuff giveaways. Even the GAO has repeatedly warned our current debt trajectory is unsustainable (even without Sanders’ massive extra spending).

      How convenient and politically expedient is it to promise more free stuff now and pass on the costs to our kids and grandkids? This is totally irresponsible. I also believe it is immoral for the next generations to have to inherent our crushing debt which is already out of control.