• Interesting gun control vs deaths by state chart

    Someone posted this on a facebook thread I was on. I thought it was a useful pictorial representation of the connection between control measures and gun-related deaths. I have seen this connection argued both ways recently.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • Otto Greif

      Including suicides is misleading.

      • Why? Suicides are one of the strongest arguments against easy access to guns. Why would it be misleading when it is one of the main points.

        • ronmurp

          I think the point is that suicide has a number of possible methods, and guns are a nothing more than a ‘convenience’. Removing guns wouldn’t necessarily impact suicide that much (I’m guessing here, of course). Whereas homicide and accidental gun deaths are deaths where the victim’s rights are being all too easily violated, by the convenience, power, action at a distance nature of guns.

        • Otto Greif

          It’s done to disguise the lack of correlation between gun control and gun homicide rates, and many in the anti-gun camp think suicide is right, see California, for example.

        • Geoff_Roberts

          Because suicide rates also can be high in countries without access to guns. Look at the higher suicide rates in Japan, South Korea, Lithuania and many other countries with little access to guns. Citizens in countries without gun access commit suicide by taking poison, hanging themselves, or find other ways.

          All these arguments to try to demonize guns as the culprit miss the point. Obviously, guns don’t kill by themselves and are just a tool. Guns can be used for beneficial purposes or for nefarious reasons. It is not the gun with possible evil intentions but the intentions of the person who possess the gun.

          If people who want to commit suicide don’t have guns they will simply use other means.

    • ArizonaAtheist

      Good post. It’s very helpful to have a visual aid showing the relationship between the lack of gun regulation and gun violence.

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