• Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

    Yes, it’s gone viral, and yes, you’ve probably seen it. But it gives me shivers watching it. I believe it’s top of the Republican debate topics… Oh no, scratch that, that’ll be abortion.


    Whilst I’m at it, this made me laugh:


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Peter White

      I see that ad on TV in the Philippines quite often. I never realized it was Julia Roberts doing the narration. The subject and the treatment of it is overpowering. Excellent video in every respect.

    • Bram Kaandorp

      I half expected the last line to be “what’s your excuse?”

      Totally doesn’t fit the flow of the piece, but that’s how I feel about it. We as a species used to be so flexible that we could (and still do) live nearly everywhere on the planet. Admittedly, mostly by adapting our environment to our needs, but not entirely. In cold climates, we wear more clothes, in tall forests we live in the trees.

      Now, we’re on our way to making this planet impossible to live on for us, and it’s not like we can just adapt and survive. Our society is dependent on so many factors that we can’t change without whole ways of life vanishing. Gone will be the bankers, the insurance agents, the telephone sanitisers.

      So what’s our excuse for not being able to roll with the punches any more?

    • Carol Sperling

      I love that commercial. It’s like Mom saying “Don’t you make me turn the thermostat up, ’cause I’ll do it !”