• Understanding Islam

    Sorry I have been quiet, but I have been preparing for a talk to the Dorset Humanists on Islam. This will be a co-presented evening which will feature me putting forward my case that Islam naturally tends towards violence on account of the role model of Muhammad and the provenance and content of the holy book.

    After my presentation, David Warden of the Dorset Humanists will critique my piece and claim that there could be a reform of sorts, whilst also agreeing in parts. It should be a really interesting evening which should include some interaction and debate between the two speakers as well as the audience. If you are in or around Bournemouth on Wednesday, please come along. Here is the poster:

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • sombodysdad

      You are the last person who should be talking about Islam

      • JoeG in another guise.

      • Who can’t even spell their username vs their email! Wow. (som vs spme!)

        • Graham Martin-Royle

          Ooops. Shouldn’t that read (som vs some).

          • No – that’s the point! FYI I banned him early as he has trolled me on You Tube and wasted my time there. Shame, I lov edissenting views. It’s how we learn stuff and cut our teeth. However, some people are just wastes of time.

            • Graham Martin-Royle

              Ah, didn’t know that. Sorry.

      • Graham Martin-Royle

        Why? Why should anyone be stopped from talking about anything? If you have an argument against what he says, present it. Don’t try to shut him (or anyone else) down.