• My partner has caught skepticism

    Goodness me, Helen has become a skeptic! We were watching the Game of Thrones with the awesome attack of the White Walkers, just now.

    Helen: How are they attacking when they are dead? How are they still moving?
    Me: Um… you know it’s not real?
    Helen: Well why the hell are we watching it?


    Category: Skepticism


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Geoff Benson

      I have to laugh when people take films or dramas like Star Trek, or Marvel Avengers, or even Dr Who, and criticise some element as being ‘unrealistic’. A Norse god with an Antipodean accent hurling rocks the size of lorries, and the dialogue (for example) is unrealistic? Please!

      • Bram Kaandorp

        Internal consistency is the name of the game, as well as willing suspension of disbelief.

        As long as a piece of fiction plays along its own rules, great!

        However, when an established rule is broken, then you can peek behind the curtain and see the creator slacking off.

        We don’t really want to see that, except when it plays out well, for example when it is played up for laughs.

        • Shatterface

          This. It’s not about ‘realism’ it’s about modality. Fans of any genre soon pick up the relationship a work of fiction has to reality and it isn’t one of direct correspondence.

          Nobody complains an opera is ‘unrealistic’ because people sing all the time or ballet is ‘unrealistic ‘ because people contort their bodies instead of walking sensibly across the stage.

          Naturalism – which is what most people think of as ‘realism’ – is a pretty modern invention.