• The Truth about Creationist PhDs

    This video is pretty good at pointing out that Creationists with PhDs are essentially for show. Using Dr. Russell Humphreys as an example, he shows that the journal/paper writing and citation frequency is far below other scientists, and so such people don’t advance science in any meaningful way, and the application of their PhDs is very limited indeed.

    I would like to see more generalised and average figures for scientists, rather than the few examples shown, and some analysis of Creationists in general (as it ends up being anecdotal, mostly due to the reason of the video being made being about Humphreys in particular). But the general idea seems to be bang on. The PhD advertising of such people is more about credibility for the Creationist organisations than for any meaningful reason.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Geoff Benson

      Bruce Gerencser recently did a post on his blog about how many pastors claim to have doctorates in order, presumably, to give themselves more street cred. Considering their lack of ability, in the main, to string together any coherent thinking, it’s all a bit paradoxical.

      I’m also reminded of Ben Goldacre, writer of the Bad Science column, who exposed the TV diet presenter Gillian McKeith, when she used to use the title ‘doctor’ in front of her name. He succeeded, on payment of a fee of $60, in obtaining a similar ‘doctorate’ for his dead cat, Hettie (somehow use of the word ‘dead’ and name of the cat make the story even more insane than just saying ‘cat’), from some college in the US. She’s now prevented from using the title ‘doctor’, though I have to say I’m not at all clear as to the rules surrounding its use, other than I’m not able to claim to be a medical doctor.

    • Rusko

      I have a PhD from the Pantheist Institute! :)

      • Jeff Pinner

        I need to get me one of those. Much more cred than my post-doc work at the University of Anarchy in NE Ohio, a.k.a. the Cleveland Public Library, which took almost 50 years to complete.