• New Onus Books Project: An Atheist Poetry Anthology – Submit Your Own

    I was thinking over the weekend, as I wrote my own eulogy for the SIN Series – Death piece I did, that there is a lack of such a book. I have found one book which appears to be 80 poems written by the same person, but no anthology…

    The objective is to collect a number of poems, somewhere up to 120, and compile them under topics such as:

    • meaning of life
    • god
    • death
    • morality
    • science
    • the Bible

    and so on. I have a few to get started with. And now it is a case of scouring some poetic corners of the world, and asking if you have submissions. The project is obviously in the earliest of stages, but there you go, it’s out there.

    If you have a submission or know someone who might for a poem broadly atheistic in nature, then send it to:


    The working title is “Filling the Void: A Selection of Atheist and Humanist Poetry.

    Please spread the word!

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • seems to be going quite well: I have a number of confirmed submissions from poems I have found around and about the place.

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        Great. I’ll send one in a few minutes.

    • I hope you’ll appreciate this offering:

      Gardener of Death

      I oversee the land that grieves;

      acres of lawn and fallen leaves,

      prolific mounds of mother earth,

      pregnant mementos of rebirth.

      Manicured, undulating, hills

      mask the role terra firma fills;

      to swallow mortals in her loam,

      their destiny and final home.

      And as they slowly decompose,

      their longing rests in He who rose

      spurning death and burial shrouds

      beatific, through parting clouds.

      As for me, the gard’ner of death,

      I prune old vines and baby’s breath

      wielding the very pruning knife

      I use to trim the tree of life.

      © Jim Ashby

      Hmmm, it’s not formatting properly

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      Is this project still accepting submissions?