• Kudos for my chapter in Christianity Is Not Great

    I wrote a chapter on morality in John Loftus’s recent anthology, Christianity Is Not Great. The book has received some great reviews and so too, it seems, has my chapter:


    Which is fantastic. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy, it’s a voluminous account of the ills of that religion.




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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • Marcus Ashes

      I haven’t read the book yet but does anyone know if it talks about the age problem with regards to Christianity?
      For example Christopher Hitchens died at the age of 62 and according to christianity is burning in hell now. However Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking etc. are in their seventies now and still atheists.
      My question is is it unfair for them to live longer lives and have more time to get right with jesus?
      We all live to be different ages so have varying amounts of time (sometimes considerably) to become christian and as I said get right with jesus.

      • Great point. Will turn that into a post.

      • Travelman

        Yeah, it’s funny how believers see what they want to see and discount things that don’t fit. I never heard a single believer say ‘Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of modern times, contracts disease at age 22 with 2 year life expectancy, then lives for 50 years and still going, setting record for disease longevity- could it be a sign from God?’

        • Marcus Ashes

          What does free will mean to you? Does Stephen Hawking have it bound to that wheelchair? Does it mean we can choose how intelligent we are? What about an unfit man pushing himself to run a four minute mile? Do we have full free will to hold down a job if we are a bad person and an unbeliever at the same time? I’m confused.

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    • Marcus Ashes

      Take for example omnipresence. If god is infinite and everywhere then his presence extends infinitely in every direction. This is incoherent because then there are locations where god is that are infinitely far away yet somehow god can reach them from wherever he is. Think about that for a moment. Imagine if god took the form of a black dot and you told him to travel an infinite distance in a particular direction starting from point A. Logically god would never reach infinitely far away because, well, it’s infinitely far away. But also the problem arises when we consider can something be infinitely far away? Never.

      • Marcus Ashes

        Also could god shrink down to size from being infinitely big and then expand again all the while being able to prove that he is infinite in size. Keeping in my mind infinity never ends. The answer is no as far as I see it.

    • Marcus Ashes

      Looking at omniscience does god know how to invent new knowledge or looking at omnipotence as well does god know how to invent a new ability? This appears incohorent when we consider god knows and can do everything…..er a paradox perhaps? Has this one been mentioned before?