• More #AncientAliens Talk on Paranormal Review Radio with Me this Friday


    I know everyone loved my talk at Illini about aliens, especially of the ancient sort, but unfortunately not everyone in the world could be there. But this Friday, Sept 26 at 10 pm EST, I will be on Paranormal Review Radio to talk about the subject and perhaps debunk the idea.


    They have also produced a fun little promotional video.

    I’m not totally sure what to expect, and I’ll be on my own as the skeptic. Jason Colavito was also asked to join, but he probably won’t be able to make it. Unfortunate, since he knows the material orders of magnitude better than I do. But at worst, I think this will be fun.

    So, listen in or at least cheer me on.

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    Article by: Aaron Adair

    • Void Walker

      Ancient Aliens always kinda pissed me off. It’s basically aliens-of-the-gaps. “See this ancient structure? We don’t currently know how people could build it, so ALIENS!”


      • Gilgamesh42

        Worse than that. Often we do know how something was built, and there is all the evidence of such-and-such being built with pre-Iron Age tools. When a bunch of copper chisels are lying around but no laser cutting beams, you don’t really have much reason to think aliens.

        And then there are the “interpretations” of ancient texts. Oh boy.

    • D Rizdek

      I was always kind of intrigued by the idea of aliens visiting earth, but I don’t have any reason to think it happened. I’m a reluctant…aalienist. I think it’s the “it’d be neat if we’re not all there is” kind of feeling. Theists and some philosophers have been seeking for that kind of thing for millennia…I don’t think they found it either.