• Religion still being taken seriously

    Aah, The Daily Mash is brilliant. I’m sure it;s written by the same writers as Viz…:

    RELIGION is still being taken seriously by billions of people, according to new research.

    The Institute for Studies found that every country in the world contained at least one thousand humans who do not regard worshipping a God as an utter waste of time.

    The Institute assembled a group of 650 worshippers of different faiths, nationalities, ages and genders to test how easily they could be offended about myths.

    Professor Henry Brubaker said: “In each case we burgled their house, started an absolutely disgusting internet rumour about them and made a glib remark about their god.

    “They were peeved by the burglary, saddened by the rumour and when it came to God they threatened to decapitate and disembowel me and anyone whose first name begins with an ‘H’.”

    He added: “In Christian countries we sensed the threat was fairly empty because those people tend to have houses and jobs.

    “In Hindu and Buddhist societies the threats would have been menacing if we all weren’t already choking to death on exhaust fumes and there was room to swing a cat.

    “And in Islamic countries we realised that most of these people have nothing to lose and so we ran like fuck.”

    Professor Brubaker said the internet had made it much easier for religion to be taken seriously by lots of people at the same time and called for it to be burnt at the stake.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Graham Martin-Royle

      I know this article is meant as humourous but seriously, just why do people take religion seriously? No one takes the stories of the Brothers Grimm seriously, so why is religion treated as a serious subject?

      • kraut2

        Nobody kills because a fairy tale character commands it.

    • Void Walker

      This is just sad….but not, at the same time. After all, Jon, if religiosity were crushed like the annoying little bug that it is, we wouldn’t have anything to poke fun at or ridicule! Well, we would….but religion is “special”. :-D Oh PRAISE Jesus.

      • Just checking, you do realise that this ‘article’ is very heavily satirical?

        • Void Walker


          This is what happens when I get drunk in the day, skim an article, and don’t fact check. I’ll be jumping off a virtual cliff now.