• UCO Psychology Professor Examines History of Scientific Sexism and Racism in New Book

    Here is the press release for Caleb Lack’s new book. Caleb blogs here at SIN at Great Plains Skeptic and his book is released on my own Onus Books imprint. It is an academic book, but the ebook is very reasonably priced. Check it out!


    Media Contact: Sydney Monday, Intern, UCO University Relations, 405-974-2121,smonday2@uco.edu


    How can skewed psychological research impact society? Profoundly, according to Caleb Lack, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma. He addresses the history of such scientific research and how it contributed to sexism and racism, and offers guides on how to conduct and evaluate comparative research, in his recently published book, “Psychology Gone Astray.”

    Lack, along with co-author Charles Abramson, Ph.D., dedicated 10 years of work to the text. It includes 22 articles dating from 1895-1930 that illustrate how scientific research helped further the ideas of racism, sexism and eugenics.

    “The book addresses an often-ignored issue in psychology: how the results of numerous poorly conducted psychological studies were used to support and justify both scientific and institutionalized sexism and racism,” said Lack.

    “If we do not learn how to spot such dubious research and results, we will likely fall prey to such problems again and again.”

    Lack is the author of more than 40 articles and book chapters, along with three prior books: “Tornadoes, Children, and Posttraumatic Stress,” “Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction,” and “Mood Disorders: An Introduction.” He has been internationally recognized for his innovative teaching and research, including an honorary degree from the Escuela de Psicologica at the Universidad Dr. Jose Matais Delgado in El Salvador.

    “Psychology Gone Astray” can be purchased online from Amazon. For more information more about Lack, visit his blog at www.skepticink.com/gps.


    Editor’s Note: To download art associated with this release, visit www.uco.edu/photo/Lack06.14.

    Cutline: UCO assistant professor of psychology Caleb Lack, Ph.D., recently published his fourth book, “Psychology Gone Astray.” The text addresses an often-ignored issue in psychology: how the results of numerous poorly conducted psychological studies were used to support and justify both scientific and institutionalized sexism and racism.


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Ann

      I was always offended by the desire of the fake study called “psychology” to latch on to real science in an effort to cloak itself in the prestige of actual science.

      But now real science is being slimed in a different direction. This post conflates “science” with the nonsense of “psychology.”

      Why would your headline say “SCIENTIFIC SEXISM AND RACISM” when what you mean is “the pseudoscience of psychology.”?

      • Shatterface

        If you think being ‘offended’ is enough to dismiss psychology as a science, rather than giving valid reasons why you think the mind lies beyond the possibility of systematic study you should just join a cult and leave the thinking to grown ups

        • Ann

          Well, I too don’t think that being offended is enough to dismiss psychology as a science, and I didn’t say that.

          But let me make the following clarifications,

          1) Psychology is not a science, It is a pseudoscience.
          It is for that reason that I dismiss it as a science,
          I dismiss it as a science for the following reason: It isn’t one.

          2) I am always GROSSED OUT by its slime-bag efforts to latch on to real science.

          • Do you realise the scope and application of psychology? From teaching to economics.

            Take the work of Kahneman over 40 years. It is replicable and robust.

            I don’t think you really have a clue what you are talking about.

          • guerillasurgeon

            You only have to shop in a supermarket to know that psychology is reasonably robust. The shelves are arranged to take advantage of human nature. That’s psychology :-).

          • There are many pseudoscientific things in the history of psychology (just as there are in medicine or physics or biology), but modern psychology is built upon the use of scientific methodology to answer questions about behavior, emotion, and cognition. Dismissing the field as “pseudoscience” is absolutely ignorant of the current state of psychology.