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    • Void L. Walker

      I must face palm every time I think about the flood story. At one point in my life, I actually believed this. I honestly, sincerely thought that a 600 year old magic man gathered up two of every “kind”, rounded them up in a big, magic boat ™, and weathered Gods H2O wrath. Meanwhile women, children, boys and men all drowned to death. Pregnant women included. But hey, God had to make a point, right? What better way to do so than by slaughtering millions of innocents. The story gets even better when you imagine brother and sister getting it on for generations and somehow creating the genetic diversity we see today. Why do will still swear on this book in court? WHY?

    • How well known is Maher in the UK?

      • Well, to internet and politically savvy people like myself, he’s known, but to your average Joe, probably not at all.

    • I could see Maher as being an ironic pastor with a literal chapel and a lively pentecostal holiness congregation. It makes for good tv in my mind.

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