• Carroll vs Craig, tomorrow.

    So, God and cosmology will be debated tomorrow as cosmologist Sean Carroll takes on theologian William Lane Craig.

    I, for one, am excited. Should be a cracker. I know Carroll has been inundated with advice. Let’s hope he takes some heed.

    Hear Dr. Craig’s thoughts on the forum HERE

    Read Dr. Carroll’s thoughts on the forum HERE



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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Void L. Walker

      Should be interesting. An ACTUAL scientist/thinker vs. a lying douche. I’m readying the popcorn and comfortable chairs….

      • not sure i will get time to live stream it, but will definitely catch it when i can.

        • Void L. Walker

          When you get around to watching it you should do a post about it John :)

    • I can’t wait for this one. Carroll is a great speaker and he knows his science. I wish I could have sat down with him for a few hours and educated him on Craig’s trickery.

      • Void L. Walker

        Thinker, I just invented a time machine. If you would like use of it, please let me know…

        • I would, but not to educate Sean Carroll!

    • aoflex

      Here’s the debate with all of the intermissions removed and youtube
      comments and ratings turned on: