• Free Will, the Problem of Evil and Heaven and Christian commenters

    I don’t know why, but Christians seem to be posting a few comments just now on some old videos of mine. The comments irritate me because they are not so well thought out. This ‘sombodysdad’ in particular… People seem to think they are all that and a bag of chips even though they present crappy arguments. Danth’s Law springs to mind…


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • mikespeir

      The important thing is to leave no argument unreplied-to. It doesn’t have to be a good reply. ;-)

    • LukeBreuer

      Some people comment in order to have their arguments critiqued, see other arguments, etc. You’re welcome to tell them to get a degree in philosophy if you’d like, but whining about it seems a bit… droll. Now, there are people who have no interest in engaging in a debate where they might change their mind on something, and it’s up to you how much effort you expend to figure out who falls into which category.

      One of my friends is getting his PhD in philosophy and he often listens to me for a bit on a given philosophy topic, and then directs me to a better version of what I’m saying. Now, that better version might still fail to obtain, but at least it is constructive, instructive, and pleasant.

      • lab,

        It is annoying when people call you out, in public on certain things. But, this post was (and I neglected to mention it) in the context with conversations and posts I have made on fb, with regard also to the evolution one I did the other day. And the point is this:

        “So is it worth responding to such intellectual laziness?” etc as I was asking.

        In the above videos, I have been accused of x, y and z – particularly of straw manning christians, and misrepresenting them on free will in heaven. But the person attacking me stated, in different places,

        “Nice strawman, And who said anything about free will in Heaven?”

        “Yes there is free will in heaven”

        “No one knows what is in Heaven,”

        And that annoys me.

        • LukeBreuer

          Yep, it’s pretty much impossible to have a rational conversation with someone who won’t hold a consistent position! I’ve gotten banned from forums and blog comment sections for pointing out such inconsistencies and asking the author to pick a position. The only response I know of which works is: “I prefer to surround myself with people who aren’t shamelessly inconsistent.” What else can one do?

        • Seth R. Massine

          This is a fine example of inconsistent argumentation, which I have also experienced. For me, it was debating the historicity of Mohammed’s ‘magical powers’ with a Muslim friend. He went in circles; each pass made he contradicted what was earlier said. It gets frustrating, doesn’t it? So many people believe such complex, yet silly things to such a labyrinthine degree that they cannot even sort it all out in their own minds. In the case you elaborated on above, I probably would have blown a fuse.

          • dadsa

            Same with all miracle claims. There is an inverse relationship between the claims and their evidence

            • Void L. Walker

              Hello, dadsa. I dig your name. I concur with what you stated as well.