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    I know that I have said this before, but I am very sorry for being scarce on the blog just now. Work is full on just now, as well as having heaps to do on the writing and editing front (and a talk to do at Bournemouth University tonight). One book I am editing is in the final stages. The book is by James A. Lindsay and is called Dot, Dot, Dot: Infinity Plus God Equals Folly. I have managed to get Vic Stenger to write the foreword for it, too, which is great. The book is an easy-to digest mathematical treatise on infinity and its application to the concept of God, which, given the nature of infinity, becomes more and more abstract to the point of non-existence (looking also at ontological arguments). I am really enjoying the book, which has now largely been re-written to make a coherent narrative as opposed to its original form of unconnected essays. James has done a great job on making it a greatly readable and fascinating book.

    Listen out for more news on the book.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • Mohammad Faraz Samavat

      It would be extremely pleasant if you could include an “absolute idealism” based argument on the concept of God and infinity in your book as well; furthermore, I believe that some new and strong posts on this matter could truly prove useful for me and for others that are interested in the mentioned argument. Many thanks for your great efforts.

      • James Lindsay

        What do you mean by an “absolute idealism” based argument on the concept?
        Also, thanks for your interest and kind thanks!

        • Mohammad Faraz Samavat

          What I meant was that, please provide an argument based on “Hegel’s Theory of Quantity” ,which is itself a sub-category of his “Absolute Idealism” theory in ontological philosophy.
          Thanks and sorry for the late reply!

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