• Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • Honest_John_Law


      Thanks for posting this video. Keep up the good work.

      Have you, by chance, heard of paper by Gregory Paul called, ‘THEODICY’S PROBLEM:
      A STATISTICAL LOOK AT THE HOLOCAUST OF THE CHILDREN,AND THE IMPLICATIONS OF NATURAL EVIL FOR THE FREE WILL AND BEST OF ALL WORLDS HYPOTHESES’? This is quite interesting, and it touches upon some of the subjects you raise in your video:

      summary of the paper;


      the actual paper:


      I know you are busy these days, but I think this paper would be worth reading. As long as the author of this paper has credible sources for the data he cites re. infant mortality etc., I think he has made some very convincing arguments. If you get the chance to read this, I would like to know your thoughts about this paper. For that matter, maybe some of your followers could also have a look. Again, I think this is worth taking the time to read.

      • Thanks mate. It is a couple of years old, but hopefully still relevant and of interest.

        I will check your links – thanks for posting them!

        • Honest_John_Law

          I think the author, a British skeptic, makes some powerful arguments. The gist of his argument is that most conceptions of human beings in human history have failed to result in a human being that lived to the age of “reason”. If Christians claim the “soul” exists at the point of conception, and that children who do not reach the age of “reason” are allowed into Heaven, Heaven would then be largely filled with souls of humans that never actually developed in this world (i.e. they would be akin to automatons). It also bodes poorly for a loving Creator that created a world where a high percentage of human conceptions failed to produce a surviving human being. I think his arguments are rather profound, but I don’t know how much attention the article received.

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