• Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Maybe god can fake laughter in the same way that my ex would fake her orgasms. God knows there is a moment ahead that is considered humorous and he can pretend to react to it, similar to how an actor knows the joke beforehand but “laughs” as if he didn’t. But then god would be capable of deception which is lying.

    • exrelayman

      Ah! Cribbing from Whitehead, are we :-)

      Yup – Anselm’s God (the omni good, capable, knowing one that replaced Yaweh) = incoherent idea.

      Knows everything = cannot experience learning something new.

      Knows the future = powerless to change it = no free will.

      Or the timeless create a rock so heavy heavy s/h/it can’t lift it.

      So the retreat to ‘maximally capable’. Ah, the ignominy. Someone put a stopwatch on them goalposts!

      For shame, for shame! I be just using man’s (contemptible worm) wisdom. Logic and such. So silly!