• How awesome is our God? He even cares about the littlest things

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    “And I want to suggest to you that it is not only tiresome, when otherwise intelligent people speak this way, it is morally reprehensible. This kind of faith is the perfection of narcissism; God loves me, don’t you know? He cured me of my eczema. He makes me feel so good while singing in church. And just when we were giving up hope he found a banker who was willing to give my mother a mortgage. Given all that this God of yours doesn’t accomplish in the lives of others, given the misery that’s being imposed on some helpless child at this instance, this kind of faith is obscene. To think in this way is to fail to reason honestly, or to care sufficiently for the suffering of other human beings. ” Sam Harris

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • Thinka Roo

      Exactly, exactly, exactly. This is one of the things that Christians say that I hate the most. It is indeed utterly immoral, heinously selfish and grotesquely ignorant.

    • I hope the person who took this photo immediately started nursing this poor child back to health.

    • John Grove

      That bird is eyeballing that poor kid. Damn…..

    • I don’t understand, Jonathan. Are you blaming God for a hungry kid?

      • Andy_Schueler

        Nope. Think again.

        • I still can’t figure it out. He’s not blaming bird, right?

          • Andy_Schueler

            He´s not blaming anyone. The point is, that a Christian attributes an event that literally could not be more mundane (the amount of leftover milk in his/her fridge matching the amount (s)he needs for her recipe) to God´s work, because (s)he thinks God is so awesome and loves her/him so much that he even cares about such trivial details.
            From this emerges a picture of a God, who is so loving and awesome that he cares about even the most trivial details in the life of this Christian and helps him / her with a miracle, but simultaneously does not give a damn about children dying one of the most horrible deaths there is – starvation.
            This contradiction, which could not be anymore obvious, is funny (in a tragic way).

            • John Grove

              You and Johnny are awesome. You both explain things so well and are very thoughtful and intelligent. I’m glad I found this blog.

            • OK, I didn’t read that little box in the picture. Even to me, that is silly way of understanding what God is or how this whole material reality business works. Otoh, probably any way of understanding God is silly to an atheist.

            • John Grove

              Unfortunately Eugen, this is how a lot of people think. I agree it is silly, but it is an important point to note. For if God was concerned with those kind of details in one’s life but doesn’t give a shit about the starvation of children elsewhere, could it be that the god one has constructed in their mind is just a product of their imagination?

            • Andy_Schueler

              Otoh, probably any way of understanding God is silly to an atheist.

              That depends on which person you are talking to – there is a lot of diversity in the way Atheists think about Religion. I´ve met some very intelligent Christians who believe in concepts of a God that I would not classify as “silly”, I still find their beliefs irrational – but emphatically not “silly” (although those Christians are usually almost bordering on Deism or Pantheism). But that´s just me, again, there are probably as many different Atheist views on Religion as there are different Christian concepts of God.

            • Basically, Eugen, one can derive larger conclusions about such ideas:

              Does God EVER intervene in human affairs?

              If so, on what basis does she judge criteria for intervention (ie miracles) as important enough? In other words, can any seemingly irrelevant intervention (sporting matches, milk in fridge, getting to a meeting on time – in fact anything Christians thank God for, as if she had a hand in it) demand criteria strong enough for intervention over and above a starving child, or million, whom God sits by and watches die without intervening?

              So the next time you thank God for ANYTHING, think about the idea that that child received no help. That that child died. Without any help.

            • Thanks everybody, there’s lot to think about.
              If theist start thanking God for finding parking near shopping center entrance will he next time curse God if he doesn’t find the same.
              As for hungry and sick people we all should take some responsibility and help.

            • Andy_Schueler

              Thanks John!

            • Good man!

            • John Grove

              Mr. Dave Marshall is launching a nice load of ad hom my way, see here:


            • Will check it out!

            • Andy_Schueler

              You still seem to have this stalker with at least a dozen sock puppet accounts John ;-). All your comments got a dozen downvotes while David´s got a a dozen upvotes in a very short time-frame (although only 2 people are tracking the thread and get informed of new comments via email). If this stalker wouldn´t be a complete moron, he would at least try to spread out the up- and downvotes over a longer timeframe…

            • John Grove

              Yup, I just saw that. He is relentless..

            • Andy_Schueler

              You could see it as a compliment – that you have a Christian stalker who is willing to sacrifice so much of his “valuable” time on you means you are doing it right ;-).