• Russell Blackford joins us at SIN – please welcome him!

    Philosopher Russell Blackford, author (editor) of the awesome book 50 Voices of Disbelief, has joined the writing team here at SIN. This is great news, given Blackford’s great work and high profile in the world of philosophy of religion. Or lack thereof.

    50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are AtheistsHis personal website can be found here where you can read his bio etc. Russell’s wikipedia page is here. His blog  Metamagician and the Hellfire Club is the one which has moved here, now known simply as The Hellfire Club.

    Please welcome him, and check out his books if possible.

     His opening post starts:

    I’m delighted that my personal blog, The Hellfire Club, has found a new home here at the Skeptic Ink Network. First, my thanks to John Loftus and Ed Clint for inviting me here. It’s an honour to join a site with so many fine, independent writers and thinkers, and I’ll feel a sense of responsibility as I make my contribution.

    The invitation was offered to me some time ago now, but I was slow to make the move, mainly because I wanted to get a better sense of how it might work while I was also contributing at Talking Philosophy (“TP”) –  a site that I’m equally committed to (and which I urge you to follow).

    I’ve now had enough experience to be sure that there’s room in my life for both TP and The Hellfire Club, and that I won’t be winding down the latter, as I contemplated at times during 2012. Neither the TP administration nor the Skeptic Ink administration has placed any pressure on me to exclude certain topics, but I now have a fairly intuitive idea of what will go where. With that settled in my mind, I’m very happy to join a network of broadly like-minded, and very capable, writers, with all the advantages of networking and mutual support that this can bring. I already know (and like!) some of these folks, and I look forward to “meeting” the others.

    Check it out in full.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

    • I’ve been subscribed to his Twitter feed and otherwise reading him for a few months now. Good to see him with a regular blog here. Welcome!