• Guns and Violence – Vatican Bank is the main shareholder in ‘Pietro Beretta’ arms company…

    UPDATE: This is a translation of an Italian page, I believe, and so the English may not be great. It is also, possibly, linked to conspiracy theories etc, so I am now in the process of fact-checking and will update it if it is found to be bollocks. UPDATE 2: This source claims it as erroneous, although has no working knowledge of the word “bollocks”.

    So in the light of the latest gun shocker in Connecticut, this should be of some surprise:

    Perhaps few people know that Pietro Beretta arms factory Ltd. (the largest arms industry in the world) and is controlled by the Holding SpA Beretta and the majority shareholder of the Beretta Holding SpA after Gussalli Ugo Beretta, is the IOR(Institute for Works of Religion [commonly known as the Vatican Bank]) private institution founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII and headquartered in Vatican City.

    The story is this, behind this is as follows:

    Rome was not built in a day, nor the Vatican, and less its present opulence. Has its roots in the fourth century of the Christian era, when the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and made available to the Pope Sylvester I a colossal Fortunately, it actually turned into the 1st Pope rich history.

    The Catholic Church is the only religious organization in the world that has as an independent state headquarters: Vatican City. With its 2 Km2 Vatican is much smaller than many golf courses in the world, and to follow it without haste does not take much more than an hour; Counting his riches, however, take considerably longer.

    The modern opulence Vatican relies on the generosity of Benito Mussolini , who thanks to the signing of the Lateran Treaty between his government and the Vatican, gave the Catholic Church a number of safeguards and security measures. The “Holy See” got the recognition as a sovereign state, the benefit of tax exemption of their property for the benefit of their citizens, they had to pay duties so imported from abroad. He was granted diplomatic immunity and its diplomats started to enjoy post-privileges of the profession, as well as foreign diplomats accredited to the Holy See. Mussolini promised to introduce the teaching of the Catholic religion in all schools in the country and let the institution of marriage under the patronage of Canon Law, which did not admit divorce. The benefits were enormous given the Vatican including tax benefits, were predominant.

    In 1933, the Vatican once again demonstrated its ability to engage in lucrative deals with the fascist governments. The 1929, signed with Mussolini, was followed by another between the Holy See and the 3rd Reich of Hitler. The manager Francesco Pacelli was one of the key figures of the pact with Mussolini, his brother Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII was in charge of negotiating as Vatican Secretary of State, signing a treaty with Hitler’s Germany. Pius XII knew Germany. It was nuncio in Berlin during World War I and then as Secretary of State of Pius XI, had numerous presentations to the course he was taking German politics. As such, intervened decisively in the encyclical of Pius XI, known as “Mit brennender Sorge” (which translates “With Burning Concern”). The initiative of the encyclical left, contrary to popular belief, the German bishops, the first draft was written in Rome by Cardinal Faulhaber. The then Cardinal Pacelli, who speak German, gave definitive form, presented to Pius XI, was signed and publicada.A despite constant pressure and great world, Pope Pius XII always refused to excommunicate Hitler and Mussolini, his pontificate was marked by adopting a false pose of neutrality. When the Nazis invaded Poland, Pius XII refused to condemn the invasion; One of the biggest advantages that the Vatican would very lucrative agreement he had with Hitler was Kirchensteuer confirmation, or a church tax, is a state tax that even now must pay the German believers, and can only escape if they renounce their religion. In practice, very few who renounce it. This tax alone represents between 8 and 10% of total tax collected by the German government.


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce

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    • Richard Edwards

      That is a shocker but you might want to do a bit of editing. (Something seems to have gone a bit awry with the English in places.)

      • Have updated with reasons for it being so, and to beware that it could be a conspiracy theory…

    • This story is making the rounds now. I can’t find anything supporting it or denying it. Apparently the Vatican doesn’t have to make its financial records public. If you find out the truth I’d sure like to know.






      • Er, unsure of Poe’s Law here, so I will treat this not as a joke post, but as genuine, even though it is obviously fallacious and poorly argued.

        So you are arguing that, because said actions do not happen at local level, we should not criticise the central organisation? The catholic church IS an organised religion. If the centre is rotten, take your Christian belief to a denomination which isn’t so rotten or found your own.

        Claiming, as you do, is the same as saying we should not moan about the police if, for example, local police are fine, but centralised police are corrupt and committing crimes!!!

        I couldn’t care where the bad is happening, it needs to stop. And to stop, it needs to be highlighted!

        Take the US nuns doing a great job in addressing social issues and inequality. They were rebuked for not spending enough time railing about abortion etc. By who? By the cardinal who was kicked upstairs for not doing anything about the paedophile scandal. Bernard Law was forced to resign as archbishop of Boston in 2002 for gross mismangement of the sexual abuse crisis has now effectively bankrupted the American nuns for what can only be seen as not taking a hard enough line on abortion issues, when they have actually spent all their time ACTUALLY DOING GOOD in their local communities. What has Law done to make the world a better place? He should actually be in prison!

        So the people running the show should not get heat for their inept and immoral management? Where do you get off, for goodness sake? Do YOU care enough about the poor and underprivileged, about sexual abuse victims, to rail against these people?

        • Well if you are not Catholic you should then be worried about the police opeations the FBI is pursuing around the world on YOUR dime, as well as the DEA corruption allowing the traffic of drugs in the country and injecting the untraceable cash into Wall Street… Now that we are talking about skeletons in the closet

        • Roberta K. Starkey

          And really, look at the Nun ran Madelelan Sisters Asyllum. The First in England but so many of Ireland’s young women knew hell, and Major cities in USA – for it was slave, enforced, lifetime of hard labor (for your raped, disobedient, destitute women) cleaning industrial laundry. That last one closed down in the late 1990’s, unbelievably this did not happen in the Dark Ages, but in the Industrial Age. But your source seems a little off when I translated it???

      • I know what does go on in the parishes and diocese is rape torture and slavery, if you don’t believe  me just look up the magdalene sisters and she what you’re glorious church does, and this happened in Ireland until the 1990’s and it would still be going on if the people who it was done to did not have the courage to come forward, you my fellow Homo sapien are nothing but a naive fool.

      • Stefan Bach

        “We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title of CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS…” Edict of Thessalonica

        As you see you are allowed to assume the title of Catholic Christians and not Christian Catholics. ^^

        Joke aside. Let’s have a closer look onto the Edict of Thessalonica:
        It is OUR DESIRE that all the various nations which are subject to our Clemency and Moderation, should continue to PROFESS that religion which
        was delivered to the Romans…HOLY TRINITY. WE AUTHORIZE the FOLLOWERS OF THIS LAW to assume the title of CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS;
        but as for the others, since, in OUR JUDGEMENT they are foolish madmen, WE DECREE that they shall be BRANDED with the ignominious name of HERETICS,
        and shall not presume to give to their conventicles the name of
        churches. They will suffer…THE PUNISHMENT OF OUR AUTHORITY.” Edict of Thessalonica, 380 AC


        The IMPORTANT POINT is that it was AN ORDER OF ROMAN EMPERORS and NOT OF JESUS CHRIST. If this is understood, then it clear that the intolerant and inhuman organization today called Roman Catholic Church is BASED ON THE DESIRES OF ROMAN EMPERORS (to be exactly: the disire of Theodosius I.).

        One another interessting point:
        The Roman Emperor Constantine I. (Constantinian shift) chose the Arianizing bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia as his baptizer. CONSTANTINE I. was an ARIAN CHRISTIAN (UNITARIAN). According to the Edict of Thessalonica and so in the eyes of Roman Catholis, he is a heretic to them.
        Also his son Constantius II and his sister Constantia were Arian Christians.

        As you see the construct of ROMAN CATHOLICISM is very unsteady. The history tells us.

      • FergDisgustSon

        ^ Offended too easily….don’t disrespect his gang signs yo!

    • What they fail to mention how pissed they are because they jumped the gun during the pope election. As soon as the white smoke came out, the declared their own guy the pope and were very upset to find out that is was an Argentinian Pope… Italian bishops were
      so convinced that one of their own would become pope that they sent a
      congratulatory message to the media thanking God for the election of a
      prelate from Milan…. An now all this is coming out of Italy? Hum… suspicious to say the least…

      • Laura Americanpatriot Westfall

        Martha Arenas …. As a FORMER Catholic , and someone whose parents are still Catholic, I feel as tho I actually have a say on this subject. Very first off with the article about Berretta. No one was actually attacking your faith. What they were doing was pointing out the HYPOCRACY of a pope claiming that gun manufacturers could not be Christian, yet the Vatican is one of the biggest stockholders in Berretta Firearms. I am sorry ma’am, but you can NOT have your cake and eat it too. Either he has that ignorant belief, which he is entitled to, and he has NOTHING to do with guns at all, OR he takes back what he said because it is very hypocritical to earn money from a gun manufacturer and at the same time calling them unchristian. It is kind of like people who claim to be teetotalers and completely against alcohol yet they make their living by working at Jack Daniels Distillery. You can not have it both ways. That is called HYPOCRACY to the extreme !!! Now I for one do NOT for a moment believe that if you are a gun manufacturer or a gun owner for that matter, that you can not be a Christian. In fact I would have to say that the majority of gun owners and gun manufacturers ARE in FACT Christian. We are also directed by GOD, in the book of LUKE that it is our Christian duty to have and own weapons, to protect our family, our homes, our land and ourselves. In fact we are told that if we do NOT have them to sell what we must in order to get them. So this fraudulent pope obviously does NOT know scripture. You were also very defensive and made it clear that you or your diocese would never have your hands in that type of deal. WHY NOT ???? I ask you, why not ??? We have already established that it is NOT unchristian to own or make weapons, which does include guns. Nobody would find fault in you for that. After all you are not the one that said gun manufacturers / owners were NOT Christian. It is this fraudulent pope’s hypocracy that shines thru everything. This pope is Petrus Romanus, as prophecised by Malachi. The 112th pope. His actions and words have been EXTREMELY anti-GOD and anti-Christian. He embraces sinful lifestyles, and embraces false and communistic agendas. He says things that go directly against GOD’s word. I don’t believe in slamming the catholic religion as a whole any more than I do any other denomination. But let’s agree to call a spade a spade.

        • Martha Arenas

          HUH? I am not sure were this response comes from. My comment was made in support of the author’s alleging a conspiracy theory.

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    • Stefan Bach

      “In practice, very few who renouce it.”

      Every year, over 100.000 german people leave the organisation called “Roman Catholic Church”.
      Today less then 30% of the population of Germany are members of the “Roman Catholic Church” and more and more people leave this organisation of fraud.
      BTW: A more appropriate name for this organisation would be “Roman Fraud Church”, because there is one thing what the RCC can do well and that’s cheating people.

    • Tearlach

      Christianity has brought way more violence to the world than peace!!! Religion only serves to divide humans, not peacefully bring them together! Another blatant lie forced on us from birth! Faith/belief is to think something is true without proofs! There is something wrong with our species when the majority have faith. Faith is a very bad, not good thing!!! It is one of the roots of very poor critical thinking skills.

      • Hear hear!

      • Justin Morgan

        Another dummy. You must be a product of the American public school system?

        As a Catholic and American I never served Catholicism in war but I did the secular United States. And there is nothing more divisive in contemporary USA than the battles between Republicans and Democrats, both of which are de facto religions. And Americans have to be the dumbest people I’ve come across on earth.

        My major is biology and I’ve taken a number of philosophy courses including symbolic logic and the philosophy of science. I have adequate reasoning skills. I make special note that the vast majority of agnostics and atheists that preach about “reason” and “science” don’t have a clue about either.

        “Faith” is not a cognitive process restricted to religion but is a process to arriving at conclusions atheists and agnostics use. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a gene or electron but you have faith in there existence. A “gene” was a philosophical construct at its origins, and its concept has been re-modified as more knowledge of what these chemical structures are and are not are. It was once believed there was a gene for each protein in the human body. Now its known there are over 100,000 proteins in the human body with about only 20,000 genes, therefore, a gene presumably codes for more than one protein. But perhaps the biggest atheist “faith” today is the “gay gene(s)” and “alcoholic gene.” A number of biologist believe the existence of these genes to be complete hogwash that ought be reserved for fairytales, and for good reason. But that does not stop atheists from having blind faith in the liars and deceivers that publish science papers concluding the existence of such genes by using statistical mathematics and drawing dubious (and biased) conclusions from their data.

        Catholicism brings education at the primary, secondary, and university level in the City of Milwaukee. The Jesuit run Marquette University is the only dental school in the state of Wisconsin (regard by many as the top dental school in the country) and one of two law schools in the state (the other being UW-Madison). Catholicism is not bringing war and violence to the streets of Milwaukee. Secular gangster values from Hip Hop and gansta rap has however.

        Get a clue.

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    • Justin Morgan

      What a dumb article. Mit Brennender Sorge condemned Nazi beliefs including the prevailing racial beliefs of biological determinism prevalent among both Germans and Americans during the 1940s. It would be more accurate to say the Vatican was the only sovereign nation actively opposed to both Nazi socialist and Russian communist ideologies. It was the Americans and English that were allies of the communist Russians who after the war they claimed existed as an evil empire. The Vatican was helping American POWs of the Nazis escape back to America. How was that helping Hitler? The Vatican hid Jews all throughout the convents of Rome and inside the Vatican itself when the Nazis invaded Rome. How was that helping Hitler? More telling is that Hitler viewed the Vatican and Papacy as a Jew lovers actively opposed to his ideology.

      The Vatican’s treaties were diplomatic in nature to allow the Catholic Church to continue teaching its flock (which as I pointed out in Mit Brennender Sorge condemned Nazi beliefs), which is the primary task of the Bishops: teaching–teaching the faith.

      Lets not forget the United States had racially segregated units during WWII. Being mulatto I would have been stuck in the black units. And back during that time you anti-Catholics were pointing out Catholic countries produced mulattoes and mestizos and mixed-race people as evidence of the immorality and evil of the Vatican and Catholicism. The Catholic Church was “multi-cultural” centuries before it ever became “cool” in the United States with icons like Tiger Woods.

      The fact is the Latin Rite Catholic Church (better known as “Roman Catholicism” or “the Roman Catholic Church”) is the America of religions. By that I mean the Latin Rite of Catholicism is made up of just about every race and ethnicity on the planet and is the most powerful and recognizable Christian stream of faith on the planet–similar to the USA among other countries on earth. Therefore, just as the USA is called the “Great Satan” so to people call the Catholic Church similar. And I’m a big admirer of the Coptic Church, but like most or all Orthodox Churches the Copts are ethno-religious for the most part. Copts make up the Coptic Church like Greeks make up the Greek Orthodox Church.

      Constantine the Great is said to have converted to the Church on his death bed. His mother was a serious Latin Rite Catholic and in part due to her Constantine (while presumably a pagan) became a big patron to the Church. He even ended the persecution of the Church by issuing the Edit of Milan, which was basically “freedom of religion.” Yeah, that did not begin with the USA.

      And the sovereign state of Vatican City is a good thing, especially when looking at the history of the Soviet Union, and to a lesser extent modern day American politics, in which both cases the political governments attempt to actually control religious organizations. The Papacy is protected from state interference with state threats of sending in armed men to arrest, imprison, or even crucify.

      If anything is extraordinarily wicked it is the United States of America today. A nation more war mongering in its history only rivaling pagan Rome. A nation today actively spreading misery across the earth by destabilizing nations. Look at its meddling in the Ukraine.

      I’m American and Catholic. Of the two the only one I ever served to help slaughter thousands of people was the United States of America as a U.S. Marine in the 1st Gulf War. One of many American secular jihads.

      • Hit a nerve?

        I think so.

        Especially when your rant against secularism seems rather to flow against prevailing stats and findings (eg that the higher the religiosity, the higher the warlike violence, the higher the secularism, the higher the position on the Global Peace Index etc).

        See http://www.salon.com/2014/01/15/were_living_through_the_most_peaceful_era_in_human_history_%E2%80%94%C2%A0with_one_big_exception_partner/

        • Justin Morgan

          I’ve taken a course on statistics, so, I know you can use statistics to “prove” *anything* you want. North Korea and China are officially atheist states. The Soviet Union was run by an officially atheist government. No, I do not believe atheism has historically proven to have engineered the best societies. I’d much rather live in Rome than North Korea.

          The most secular nation-states today are in Northern European nations that are both small in population and geography and much more homogenous than say… the United States or Brazil. Two countries who states are larger than most European countries, and both countries who have extensive racial and ethnically diverse demographics. There is a maxim in science that “correlation does not equal causation.” For instance, just because their are more religious people in the City of Milwaukee (USA) or the City of Rio de Janeiro than their are in Northern European cities does not logically follow that the crime and homicide rates in Milwaukee and Rio are principally driven by religious warfare between two or more opposing religions. You don’t find Muslims and Christians fighting in Rio for example. You don’t find it in Milwaukee either. In both cities the secular gangs do fight each other. And in both cities the gangs are made up mostly of darker hued citizens with Amerindian and/or black African ancestry. There is a history of a racial caste system in the Americas. And the whites generally do not regard the darker members as “one of them.” In Northern Europe they are more racially homogenous and don’t share the histories of the Americas and are less fractured. You see this in the greater acceptance of the extensive welfare system in Northern Europe.

          In other words the situations are more complex than merely “religion.”

          But more importantly I don’t like hypocrisy. Contradictions in logic are necessarily marked false as well. For example, I carried the Beretta 92F semi-auto pistol as a U.S. Marine both state-side guarding U.S. tactical *nuclear weapons* and in war during Desert Storm aboard a battleship that was capable of carrying and launching tactical nukes. So, if it is immoral for a Church bank to hold shares in Beretta then it is immoral for the United States military to have these guns too. Pretty simple. Especially since Catholicism *is not* a pacifist religion and teaches that. Catholicism teaches it is morally licit at times to protect yourself or a loved one. Even during the Last Supper in the New Testament Jesus tells those around him that whoever does not have a sword ought sell his cloak and buy one. And he traveled with at least one armed man that drew his weapon and cut an ear off a guard.

          Contradictions can only be reconciled as paradoxes–which Christianity is full of.

          I have a pistol as a U.S. citizen and plan on getting my concealed carry permit. I’ve studied boxing and martial arts too. A gun like a car can be used to murder but they can be used for good and saving lives too. (Murder being a legal or moral definition as opposed to justifiable homicide or killing.)

          All that said… I’m not convinced the Vatican Bank has any shares in Beretta. If they do I would suggest they sell them. But that’s my opinion and not my call. I don’t think any nation should have nuclear weapons or landmines but the USA has them and refuses to get rid of them. The USA refuses to sign an international treaty banning landmines which decades after wars maim and kill children. The Vatican has lobbied internationally to ban landmines.

          Oh, as I think of it, Vatican City is a sovereign nation and a religious theocracy with the Pope sitting as the monarch. Therefore, if religion caused homicides in nations, we should expect the homicide rate inside Vatican City to be incredibly high. And higher than nations like Canada. However, it is extremely rare for a homicide to occur in Vatican City (petty theft like pick-pocketing is quite common and high with the tourism). The last homicides took place several years ago, carried out by a member of the Swiss Guard over some dispute with his married officer. But most years zero homicides are recorded.

    • Michael Church

      Pretty sure Beretta is privately owned by the family. As in, no shareholders.

    • Otto Greif

      Do you have any evidence for this claim?

      • obloodyhell

        No, because it’s false. The company in question is not a publicly traded company, it is family owned. Wiki it.

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    • obloodyhell

      “In relation to widespread reports in recent days about the ownership structure of Beretta Holding, the company denies in the strongest that IOR [i.e., the Vatican Bank] or companies related to it are part of the shareholders of the company or companies it controls. Beretta Holding, which controls a group of companies mainly active in the field of sport, hunting and leisure, is a company owned by the family for 15 generations.”

      You need to make that a bit more upfront than you have with your update. It’s pretty relevant and easily researched for veracity.

    • Beretta is fully owned by the Beretta family. The company has a statement to this effect on its own website, in italian.

    • Roberta K. Starkey

      Checked his source and is spanish advertising Septic System Repair?