• On Optimism and Positivity

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    Murphy’s Law states that “what will go wrong will go wrong.”

    First of all, that is not true. Not everything that can go wrong does go wrong. And second of all, who wants to live their life like that is true? Jesus Christ, Debbie Downer.

    Fuck Murphy and his pessimistic bullshit. I am probably the most insanely optimistic person you will ever meet. I never post about anything negative that happens in my life on Facebook. I do not enjoy people knowing I have problems.

    I am pretty much the hype man at work. Most days I come into the office and the first words out of my mouth are “Y’all ready to fuck some shit up and make some money today?” Each night when I get back to the office, I like to ask people “Did you fucking kill it today?”

    If I ever were in a concentration camp, I would probably always be emphasizing the benefits of shared suffering.

    Many times I hear people say “If you don’t expect anything, you will never be disappointed.” Get outta here with that weak ass shit. Every time I step up to the plate, I not only expect to hit a home run, I expect to hit a Grand Slam and win the World Series. Every time. Every fucking time. Sometimes I do well. Sometimes I don’t. I can handle disappointment. I would much rather live my life enjoying the optimism that comes with expecting the best and occasionally being disappointed than not expect anything, get it, and not be disappointed.

    I like Charlie Sheen. The man says he has tiger blood and is a fucking warlock. He was asked if he was bipolar and he answered that he was “bi-winning.” He has his problems and there are things I do not like about the guy, but I like his attitude. I do always and will always live my life by his latest mantra “Stay positive.”

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  • Article by: Jon D. Webster

    Jon D. Webster is the author of five books. 10 Decisions I Could Have Made Better Than God: And Other Audacious Atheist Articles, Nothing Sacred: An Atheist Quote-A-Day Calendar, Blasphemy: Atheist Quotes and Essays By An Apostate, One Big Joke (And 300 Shorter Ones), and Unreal News: A Collection of Satire can be purchased through Fastpencil.com. He has also written for publications such as the Modesto Atheism Examiner, Unreal News Online, Guardian Liberty Voice, and Back Room Knox. Jon has been featured on The Pink Atheist, Road to Reason, Freethought Forum, The Freethought Radio Hour, Atheist Analysis, and Reason TV. He has a Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Communication Arts and is working on a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology.

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