• Damned If We Do: The Case Against A Donald Trump Presidency

    Donald Trump

    “You know you’re a good leader when people follow you out of curiosity.”

    -Colin Powell

    This is precisely the reason Donald Trump is doing so well. People are just curious to see what he will do if elected. He’s wet paint. People tell you it’s not dry yet, but you just have to see for yourself. One of the things I have repeatedly said is that people vote for President based on whom they would like to see and watch on T.V. for the next 4 years, er go the reality T.V. star.

    I like to say that Donald Trump is a firm believer and a shining example of the Law of Attraction in action because his entire life seems to be one long, never-ending positive affirmation. It is almost as if that in his youth, he was simultaneously blessed and cursed by a wizard that told him as long as he keeps saying good things about himself, he will always be successful and if he ever says anything bad about himself or admits to any of his faults, he will come to ruin.

    It has often been said that in politics, nothing happens by accident and this could not be more true of Donald Trump. He wrote in The Art of the Deal that one of his strategies is to say and do outrageous things because he knows the media will write about him if he does.

    Donald Trump is doing something incredibly effective. Whenever he speaks about someone who opposes him, he always prefaces their name with either a disparaging adjective, a pejorative, or a nickname he has given them: “Crooked Hillary,” “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” “Crazy Bernie,” “Little Marco Rubio,” “Low energy Jeb Bush.”

    No one insults people better than this guy. People love watching him do it. Often, he is funny when he does it. He recently started calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas because she said she was Native American when she applied to college.

    The key to defeating Donald Trump is to do to him exactly what he is so good at doing to everyone else. Bully the bully. This is the only thing that works. This is the only thing he respects and he fucking hates it.

    He is tremendously thin-skinned and it gets to him. It rattles him and you can tell.

    Marco Rubio once said in a debate that if Donald Trump wasn’t born into wealth, he would be selling watches on the street in Manhattan. It worked. The only way to defeat Donald Trump is to make fun of him and be funny while doing it.

    When Trump posted an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife, Ted Cruz called Donald Trump a “sniveling coward.” This did not work and was not effective because it was not funny. A good counter would have been to quote George Lopez who pointed out that all of Donald Trump’s wives were immigrants and that what this shows is that Donald Trump’s wives were just doing what all other immigrants in this country do and were taking jobs no other Americans want.

    One argument against Donald Trump is to point out how many of his business ventures have failed. Mitt Romney did this in a last ditch effort to remain relevant when he pointed out that Trump Steaks and Go Trump did not go so well. People have also pointed out that Donald Trump has had several bankruptcies. These are not good arguments. In all of these cases, Donald Trump has worked the system and today is a multi-billionaire.

    I Googled several lists of America’s best generals and at the top of every list was George Washington. Out of the nine battles he fought, he lost 6 and won only 3. That is George Washington’s record. He lost twice as many battles as he fought.

    Do not fucking underestimate this man. He is a genius. He knows how media work and he is a master at self-promotion and marketing himself.

    His biggest supporters are poor, uneducated white men who he could honestly care less about and will do nothing for. He has convinced them to vote for him in droves because he plays into and exploits their insecurities, fears, and prejudices. He knows what he is doing.

    While his assholish, dickish behavior as a stereotype of a caricature of a billionaire reality star was charming then, it is not a quality you look for in a commander-in-chief.

    This man should not be trusted with power. He lashes out at everyone who disagrees with him. If elected, we would become the laughingstock of the world and diplomatic relations will be severely damaged.

    Donald Trump has over 8 million likes on his page. That is more than Hillary and Bernie each have on their respective pages combined. When he clinched the nomination, he crowed that he had received more votes for a Republican in a primary in our country’s history and he still had primaries to go. That was a lie then, but after today’s primary, he has done just that.

    To give you an idea of just how audacious this guy is, he claims to be a Christian and says that the Bible is his favorite book, yet when asked what his favorite Bible verse was said the question was “too personal” and when asked if he was more of an Old Testament guy or a New Testament guy said probably about equally both.

    I guarantee you this guy has never read the Bible. I am an atheist and I can tell you my favorite Bible verses, but then again, like most atheists, I have actually finished the book.

    When asked if he has ever asked Jesus for forgiveness, he said he hadn’t and that he just tries to “do better.” Literally, the process of becoming a Christian involves asking for forgiveness, numbskull. And for the most part, this guy has the evangelical vote wrapped up.

    I will give him this. Despite his crude and bizarre outlook on things, he is entertaining. I actually go out of my way to watch his speeches, interviews, and debate highlights featuring only him because I am just so curious as to what “The Donald” will say next. It nearly makes me sick. I am as fascinated with him as much as I am fascinated with Hitler and for the same reasons. They are both horrible people who built their political careers by tapping into popular prejudices. They are both demagogues and authoritarians. Donald Trump is America’s bad boy and it is part of his appeal. You know he’s bad for you, but damn it. He’s exciting and you never know what he is going to say next. Which reminds me. Any time I encounter a Trump supporter, I tell them that from now on I am going to call them Melania because apparently they just can’t wait to see what it’s like to get fucked by a billionaire.

    I will end this article by stressing the importance of voting, but I am not going to tell you who to vote for. Vote for anyone except this racist, sexist, xenophobic, narcissistic, power-hungry, attention seeking, authoritarian demagogue who Trae Crowder aptly called a “carny handed mango man.”

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  • Article by: Jon D. Webster

    Jon D. Webster is the author of five books. 10 Decisions I Could Have Made Better Than God: And Other Audacious Atheist Articles, Nothing Sacred: An Atheist Quote-A-Day Calendar, Blasphemy: Atheist Quotes and Essays By An Apostate, One Big Joke (And 300 Shorter Ones), and Unreal News: A Collection of Satire can be purchased through Fastpencil.com. He has also written for publications such as the Modesto Atheism Examiner, Unreal News Online, Guardian Liberty Voice, and Back Room Knox. Jon has been featured on The Pink Atheist, Road to Reason, Freethought Forum, The Freethought Radio Hour, Atheist Analysis, and Reason TV. He has a Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Communication Arts and is working on a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology.

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