• Fear in Foreign Policy

    If you want a sneak peek of America’s foreign policy under a GOP president, then take a look at the words of what may be the most liberal of the GOP candidates, Jeb Bush.

    “The basic policy should be our friends know we have their back over the long haul, and our enemies need to fear us again,” Bush said at the South Carolina GOP convention in Columbia…”

    I’d like  to quote from one of my favorite movies.

    A nuclear deterrent? Cause that always works well… (Tony Stark, The Avengers)

    What the heck is wrong with peace? What is wrong with trying to prevent deaths of our people (and theirs… whoever “they” are)?

    I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we shouldn’t defend ourselves or defend our allies. But the US has the largest military budget, by far. The US spends almost 5 times what the next country does and more than the other top eight spending countries combined.

    I think that the point Jeb is trying to make here is that other countries are doing whatever they want instead of acting the way we want them to. Which is a massively simplistic world-view and one that is exceedingly dangerous in actual foreign policy. The other countries of the world have the right to do their things the way they want to as long as human rights are met. When the United Nations was established, human rights was a core issue. It remains so today.

    The Republicans aren’t interested in doing things that will help the people on the ground in those countries. The reality is that there are dozens of counties in this world that are in dire need of help and the US foreign policy has been to pretty much ignore them… unless they have oil. There are dozens of countries that routinely violate the most basic of human rights and the US does nothing to help the people… until we lose their oil.

    The US under the Republicans seems to be trying to beat all the other countries into submission. That’s not going to work. It’s just going to make another international mess and put the security of everyone at risk.

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    Article by: Smilodon's Retreat

    • Jeff Pinner

      You have hit the nail on the head for why I will NEVER vote for another Republican at any level. From my experience, they take such votes as an endorsement of their entire agenda, and refuse to listen to any other voices. The fewer Republicans in office at any level, the better for anyone who listens to their own reason.

    • Michael R

      Obama went around the globe on his “apology tour” and where has that got us? Islamists, not moderate Muslims, are rising in the Middle East. Russia is stealing land. China is stealing the whole South China Sea. Iran will proceed towards a nuclear bomb and may use it against Israel and the US to hasten the end times apocalypse.

      “But the US has the largest military budget, by far”. That’s illusionary. China (a) gets way more bang for its buck than the US does where everything is expensive and (b) is building asymmetric capabilities to defeat the US weak spots rather than confront its strengths. The reality is China is surging ahead of the US in many defense areas.

      Obama’s “we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist” is nice and well intended. But it’s completely moronic in the real word where actors such as Islam, China and Russia laugh at mutual cooperation. They don’t want peace. They want power, and they will go to war if they smell weakness and hesitation from the US.

      We are rapidly entering a post-American world. China and Russia and Islam can smell the US in retreat and they are on the march to fill the vacuum.

      Jeb Bush is probably another GOP moron, but nonetheless there are real threats out there, and Obama’s strategy of appeasement has been a colossal failure to recognise that some world actors cannot be reasoned with and don’t want peace. They want power and will only be stopped by force.

      • SmilodonsRetreat

        I find it amazing how many people comment without reading or understanding what I write.

        • Michael R

          I read it. Take a look in the mirror: “Which is a massively simplistic world-view and one that is exceedingly dangerous in actual foreign policy”. Dems (and many GOPs too) are living in a fantasy world where everyone can be reached by love and kindness, an Obama smile, and a James Taylor serenade. Pure fantasy.

          • SmilodonsRetreat

            I never said that. Peace, of course, would be preferable.

            I’m referring specifically to fear. Which is what the GOP uses to get elected. There is fear and they capitalize on it. They aren’t interested in being nice, playing fair or anything else. They want to control the world with fear.

            That’s not going to work. We only have to look at history to see that.

            I never said that we should defend ourselves or our allies. But fear, in our modern world, doesn’t prevent war and death. It encourages it. Even a casual glance at the news will show you that.