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    I have returned from the great frozen North (literally, frozen). I have returned to a quite lovely bird who had found his way into the vent hood of my range and was trapped. So spent the morning destroying a ducting system and extracting said bird. I believe it to be a ¬†European starling, which I believe is an invasive species. I’m too wiped out to look it up right now though. My plane arrived at 1AM and after retrieving luggage and driving a coworker home, I made it to my bed about 2AM.

    Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder to watch Cosmos (2014) that is airing tomorrow on your local Fox station. As I don’t have cable, I will be getting the show via Amazon Video on Demand sometime on Monday and will probably write up my comments. I doubt I will be disappointed.


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    • im-skeptical

      I just found out National Geographic is showing the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan right now.

    • Void L. Walker

      I’m gonna catch it as it premiers. I’ve been a fan of Tyson for quite some time and cannot wait to see this.

    • The major criticism I’ve seen so far is that the premier episode overplays how evil the church was in Bruno’s time (it didn’t) as well as the extent to which Bruno was killed because of his ideas about the natural world (it did).