• Surprising Many – Crop Circle Actually a Publicity Stunt

    Our planet is, apparently, full of gullible people.

    Towards the end of 2013, a crop circle appeared in a Southern California field.

    Credit: 111th Aerial Photography
    Credit: 111th Aerial Photography

    Some “crop-circle experts” analyzed the crop circle and told of messages they had decoded from the alien designers, including one about a comet that would appear in 2014.

    To anyone who thinks about this, even for a moment, the answer is obvious.  It’s a known fact that crop circles can be made by humans. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed to have been the inventors of modern crop circles in the late 70s. They were probably the first people to demo how to build even complex circles by creating one in front of journalists.

    That same crop circle was identified as “authentic” by a “crop-circle expert” before he was told that humans made it.

    Likewise, this crop circle in California looks suspiciously like something.  If you’ve ever opened up a computer chip to see what the insides look like, then you would have seen something not unlike what’s inside the crop circle here.

    The experts declared this crop circle real, before the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Nvidia announced that the crop circle was a promotional stunt and it looks like their new Tegra K1 chip.


    I can’t help but draw parallels to the Intelligent Design community. One would think that they would be all over evidence of a designer, but it’s not the right type of designer for them.

    I also wonder about humans who think that crop circles are communication from an alien species that has the ability to travel faster than light and build ships that are totally invisible and silent. One would think that they could still use radio.

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