• Some Art to Support Anti-Poaching

    A while back, I ran across this artist.  He has done some really neat stuff.

    I’m a big mecha fan (yes, Pacific Rim was awesome and the LA Robotech had better be even more so).  I also love animals.  Specifically predators.  Specifically felids.  I am very sad that any hunting of endangered species is going on.  Not only is this a stupid practice [Ground up fingernails that just happen to grow on the horn of a rhinoceros is supposed to cure disease?  Seriously? ], but it is seriously damaging to the diversity of life in the region.  Africa has some of the most amazing animals.

    Robert Chew has taken all of these things that I love and combined them into one great idea.  Why not use mecha animals, paired with park rangers, to prevent poaching?

    Mr. Chew is selling prints of these images, with all proceeds going to the  International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF).  I respect that decision, to take something that you put a lot of effort and love into and use it to help the world.  I will do my part by spreading the message… and grab a few prints.  I would appreciate it if you share this.

    These are all copyrighted by Mr. Chew.  His blog is here.


    Probably my favorite of the series.


    For the elephant lovers.



    And the CSI/Medical unit.

    There’s more in the series on the links above.  If you think these are cool and/or this is a worthy cause, then please share.


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    • im-skeptical

      How about if we issue licenses for poacher hunting?