• Why is the internet full of kittens?

    I think we’ve all heard that the internet is nothing but porn and kittens.  That’s not entirely true, but it’s true enough to warrant a saying. Here’s why I think this is true.

    There’s a lot of information on the internet.  Trying to keep up with even a niche topic (say creationism) can be like trying to take a sip of water from a firehouse.  It’s easily overwhelming.  And it’s hard because so much of what we see on the internet isn’t good.

    Sure, one can try to isolate themselves, but any forum, social networking, or news site will tend to show things that are in some way horrible.  It’s like the evening news, but in concentrated, always on form.  Humans, I don’t believe, are equipped to deal with the constant stress of the information age.  We haven’t learned how to handle the mass of information.

    Even 100 years ago, our information stresses were pretty much limited to local price increases in food and that horrible guy down the street who got what he deserved.

    But now, it’s a never-ending barrage of people demanding that we see things their way.  A constant stream of images that would have been banned even 20 years ago.  Starving children, the slaughter of endangered species, the destruction of the climate, the thievery of politicians, etc.  It can be harsh and unrelenting and… frankly… depressing.

    And that’s where the kittens come in.  Those little bundles of fur can put a smile even on the grumpiest demeanor and lighten the dreariest day.  One must be some kind of psychopath to not smile at a kitten performing some cute antic.

    I think it reminds us of innocence.  Of the time when we just were.  When anything was the ultimate toy and worries didn’t exist.  As adults, we tend to frown on that sort of thing.

    So with that, I’d like to take you away, for a moment, to a simpler time.  When the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and there was a place to nap under the trees.

    Take a minute and relax.

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