• Super Moon – Pictures

    Through some creative camera use, I was able to get some shots through my 4.5″ telescope this evening.  I have two eyepieces.  One let’s me see the entire moon, the other is a zoom that let’s me see about 1/4 of it.  I don’t know what the magnification of the lenses are… sue me.

    Click to make larger.


    Here you can see the mountains on the edge of the moon.



    A decent shot of Tycho (the big one with the white lines coming from it).  This crater is near the bottom of the moon, but looks like it’s near the top because of the reflector telescope.

    And a few more







    The full moon (as it were).


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    • An Ardent Skeptic


    • great shots! i LOVE the moon!!

    • ” I don’t know what the magnification of the lenses are ”

      Depends on your scope’s focal length.

      Thanks for sharing nice photos.