• The Request Line is Open

    In spite of a few setbacks at work and home, I’m about to begin a much needed vacation.  So, I will have a lot of time to write.

    Is there any topics that anyone would like to see me offer my unqualified and untrained opinions on?  Can I explain anything for anyone?  I’m perfectly willing to do the research.

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    • Eugen

      You are smart but this may be too much….

      What do women want?

    • sstar

      Okay I have one, regarding chromosome 2. At a particular point in time there must have been one and one only single ancestor that was born with the fused chromosome.
      He/she was the only one of his species with this particular mutation. Now we know
      that species with different chromosome count can’t interbreed. So how is it
      possible for this mutation to have be passed and how is it possible for the
      mutation to have become totally dominant through natural selection as it seems to be neutral. I have read some of the articles on pandas thumb but they do not seem to be very convincing (or more likely I didn’t quite understand them).

    • lartanner

      What do you think is the biggest–i.e., most prevalent–misconception about evolution, and what makes it so common?