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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Feminism, Freethought Blogs | 12 comments

How To Be A Feminist Without Being Offensive, Condescending, Divisive or Cruel

Feminists, consider this an instructional video. It can be done, and many are quite good at it. Whether I agree with this young woman’s ideas is irrelevant. She makes me want to listen and think about what she’s saying. And isn’t that the goal?


  • AtheistNavyVet

    she answered about 8 questions off the cuff with hundreds of ands uhs youknows andlikes while illustrating many situational applications of feminism…. why this is posted here makes no sense in drawing distinctions between Atheist Activist Feminism & people who are inaccurately blaming with broad brush strokes some innocent people for misogyny or patriarchy or failing to fight theocracy….843-926-1750 @AtheistVet for a hard set of questions or answers on Feminist Atheism my daughters rights to freedom from theocracy and our Atheist Streetfight Against the Vatican war on reproductive healthcare

    • bluharmony

      You’re right, what was I thinking? The fact that this woman continuously makes positive, socially-conscious videos is of no worth at all. It’s much better to call all men misogynists and rapists, engage in fallacious reasoning, and generally make a histrionic fool of yourself. That does a world of good for gender relations.

  • How can women gain more visibility in punk music? Considering that Pussy Riot is about the most visible and daring band in the last 20 years of that otherwise moribund genre, I’d say, mission accomplished!

    • bluharmony

      True, but I’m not sure that’s due to their music. Of course, that wasn’t part of the question, and I do tend to question “punk” as a musical genre as opposed to a political statement against authority.

    • ZedZero

      Plasmatics – mohawk and bewbs

      Bow Wow Wow – mohawk, bewbs and booty
      Hole – marry someone with talent, make ass of oneself in public as vocation
      Betty Blowtorch – die in car crash
      Pussy Riot – Piss off Patriarch get butt tossed in gulag

      PJ Harvey – actually have talent

      Pick your poison. What are you on about?

      • bluharmony

        Hey, I like Bow Wow Wow. And Hole isn’t as bad as the others on your list.

        • ZedZero

          “Hey, I like Bow Wow Wow.” OK but, I consider that flirting, not an argument. Hole? Does your tolerance know no bounds? (Insert winky emoticon).
          I poked my nose in because I have been following the Femen movement and Pussy Riot debacle and gave 50 bucks to their defense fund . . . I hope. Two years in a Russian prison deserves my attention more than 45 seconds in an elevator, in my opinion, but what do I know?

          • bluharmony

            Most things deserve more attention than 15 seconds in an elevator. Like that blister I now have on my foot from wearing really high heels last night. TMI?

  • flueedo

    Great video imo. I went on to watch the rest of her stuff and while I can’t say I agree with 100% of what she says, she does make many fair and reasonable points.

  • She’s successful at convincing people because she doesn’t expect you to agree with her. I call it “being decent.” She’s just saying what she believes.
    It’s quite refreshing.

    • bluharmony

      That’s the only way to persuade people, especially when you’re asking for concessions that they’re by no means obligated or inclined to give you. Aside from that, she makes some valid points. She may not be a “great speaker” like Watson, but she’s quite fantastic, I think, and I’m sure she’ll make positive contributions to society instead of, well, whatever it is that Myers, Watson and pals do.

      Feminism without the dogma doesn’t bother me. It’s the femtheists & hypocrites that drive me crazy.