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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Drama, Feminism, Freethought Blogs | 11 comments

PZ Myers And His White Male Privilege

Though I think the hypothetical privilege stuff, as typically used by the social justice warriors, is largely poppycock, why is PZ Myers attacking my “disadvantages”? I am not a man, I am not a handmaiden of the patriarchy, and Myers has repeatedly accused me of being mentally ill for disagreeing with him (historical sexism at its shiniest). All of this is aside from bribes and similar I’ve received (not from Myers directly) to get me to agree with him and, in return, be taken seriously by the FTB crowd. In my opinion, when it comes to social justice Myers doesn’t know the first thing about it. Period. I think he’s sexist and underestimates what women are truly capable of. All the women in my life have proved him wrong. And he’s only hurting us by attempting to show that accomplished women are somehow worse and “more wrong” than others of the “fragile and oppressed” female gender. I’d like to offer some colorful words to finish my post, but it’s not my style. So please, imagine your own.





  • Calling you mentally ill simply because you disagree with him is a problem regardless of privilege, gender, or any other social justice considerations. It strikes me as being utterly antithetical to freethought. That someone like Myers can retain his popularity in our community while behaving this way is puzzling.

    • bluharmony

      It’s just one of many examples in a heap of lies, online defamation, and things that *will* affect my life forever (he isn’t the only one guilty, and he’s far from the worst of the lot, but quite a few members of FTB, past and present, have been instrumental in this; nor have I been sin free myself — I wish that my reactions to the initial defamation and name-calling were more collected and reasoned). But I just read his rant on J. Stangroom and “Womanspace” and couldn’t take it anymore. This isn’t even close to rational discourse; it is, in my opinion, abuse. And apparently his excuse for the whole thing is that he didn’t end up really hurting anyone in the end? The fact is that he hurts people on a daily basis, and there’s no one to put an end to it.

      But calling women mentally ill, hysterical, and so on has a tradition, and it’s steeped in patriarchy and witch-burning. When one is preaching (and I do mean preaching) for “social justice,” such faux pas are simply funny. Or they would be if only they weren’t so tragic.

      • ThePrussian

        Good grief, that’s low even by him. Can you share the link with me?

        • bluharmony

          The screen grab is on my FB page, top thread. But it’s only one of many similar instances. Some are documented on Phawrongula.

          • ThePrussian

            Sent you an invite.

          • From that capture, It looks like Greg Laden was even worse. I really don’t know much about him except that he was thrown off FtB for threatening another blogger.

          • bluharmony

            Yes, though PZ adds that he agrees with Laden completely in the very next comment. But this isn’t the only time or the only place. Sad thing is I’ve met the PZ, too. He seemed nice and talked about the evolution of the eye, something I actually wanted to hear about.

            As for Laden, he argues (despite PZ’s and Brayton’s words to the contrary) that he wasn’t thrown off, he quit, but his resignation wasn’t accepted in time. Or something.

  • In the anti-racist community, Tim Wise pretty much does the same White Knight thing–which includes attacking members of groups he claims he wants to help who disagree with his approach to helping them.

    • bluharmony

      This is what I can’t wrap my head around — how do you help a group of people by hurting the majority of them? We are individuals; we don’t all want the same things, and one woman’s opinion is not somehow more valuable than another’s, not unless she can back it up with research and facts. So far, vocal women on these issues fall into two camps — those who succeed in the real world and those who whine about not succeeding. Myers’ goal seems to be to promote the latter and to harm the former, especially if they don’t feel or act “oppressed.” Gawd, I’m tired of that word as applied to Western middle-class women. Gender relations are not a form of Marxism.

  • ThePrussian

    Myers will not like you as you’re a woman of actual achievement. It really is that simple.

    Very well done.

  • An Ardent Skeptic

    Let’s take a step back and face the reality of people like P.Z., Rebecca, &Co. It’s has nothing to do with gender. These are the rules they play by:

    1. When snarky, dismissive, minor internet skeptic celebrities whine, we must shut up and listen.

    2. When people of accomplishment in the real world state their opinions, their opinions are to be met with derision rather than