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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Nonsense, Philosophy | 4 comments

Your Perception Is Not My Reality

But why isn’t it?  Let’s examine the possible reasons:

1. I could be wrong;

2. You could be wrong;

3. Both of us could be wrong;

4. We could be misunderstanding each other; our mutual reality, as it were, could be lost in translation; or

5. Reality is different for everyone.

While #5 is either unlikely or irrelevant, #1-4 could be remedied through better communication, stronger arguments, greater empathy, and a desire to see things from someone else’s perspective. Reality is neither right nor wrong; it simply is, so it’s of greatest advantage for us, humble denizens of this planet that we are, to see it and understand it before making personal value judgments about it or about each other.

  • Hambil

    Reality is the data, perception is just a view into the data. You may see a pie chart, I may see a bar graph, but it’s the same data, and the same reality.

    The interesting thing about that is that it opens up possibilities of changing your view into the data. Sad? Change your view to happy, etc.

    Also, I think another issue is context. In a conversation you really only get a very small view into the other persons thoughts – and visa-versa. You don’t get a lot of context. You don’t know how your words are being heard or interpreted.

    I once had the idea of a technology that constantly monitored your response to the world and silently built a context database. You would have control over how much sharing you wanted the database to do, but in theory two people meet, and there conversation now has context. She’s don’t like the word slippery so that is why she just pulled back – that’s good to know. Etc.

  • Smilodon’s Retreat

    There’s a lot of issues with communication. The fact that we can communicate with each other is an example of the power of the human mind. Considering that I’m typing this is my jammies in Texas and people all over the world can read is mind boggling.

    I would submit that we all have the same reality, but perception is so fundamental to us that it actually can replace reality in some cases. Of course, then you get into relativity and people’s ‘realities’ can actually be different. I don’t think that it matters for most people because it’s rare that one person is traveling at near c while another isn’t.

    • Hambil

      Assuming you follows the laws of relativity you are both standing still and moving as fast or fast than C depending on who is observing you. And even if you account for the effects of eccellerating to near c you’d still be in the same reality, though time would pass differently. Those rules though are a part of reality, not separate from it.

      No matter what someone perceives, reality is unchanged.

  • Shadow of the Hedgehog

    It seems to be a belief shared by people on both extreme ends of the political spectrum; a postmodernistic view of reality, and if they can only win enough adherents to their side then their view becomes reality.