• Article by: Reasonably Faithless

    Mathematician and former Christian
    • Can you please put some facts in your reporting, rather than just giving your readership to the snarky, indignant rhetoric untrammelled?

      The most harmful thing in this article is the insinuation that people are not capable of making decisions at the time in which they have sex. Legally, people always have the right to say no to sex at any time, or to stop having sex if it becomes painful.

      The response of Christian groups to sexual assault exposes the severe harm of a demon haunted world. Jack Schaap was sentenced to 12 years in prison for having sex with a 16 year old girl in his youth pastor’s office, and driving her across state borders three times to have sex with her under the guise of providing religious conuselling. The 55 year old father of two used his position as senior minister to counsel the girl about her life, kissing her in his office, and exchanging over 600 text messages including “[this] is exactly what Christ desires for us. He wants us to marry + become eternal lovers!” On appeal, he claimed the 16 year old had “extensive sexual experience”

      The supporters of Jack Schaap, Bill Gothard, Doug Phillips and the like are eager to point out how young women dress, and how they make the “men of God” “stumble” – avoiding the reality that sexual predators grooming young girls are calculated and manipulative.

      The idea that women should not dress a certain way, or should not be near men at certain times (which Judd likens to drink driving) has been frequently abused by rapists to avoid investigation of their crimes.

      Fundamentalist evangelical campuses that require men and women to use different elevators have expelled women for being raped, based on the “drink driving” doctrine that “if you didn’t want to be raped then you shouldn’t have X,Y,Z” or as Samatha Field notes “I was trying to tell her that my boyfriend had raped me, and her reaction was to tell me that I needed to repent for my sins and not worry about my rapist’s sins.”




      Sex has always been a flashpoint in the conflict between the secular left and the Chrisitan right – it’s important that secular evidentialists don’t just laugh judgemental attitudes among enlightened folk, but provide an evidence base to teens exploring the issue – that religious moralising can be provably harmful to some vulnerable people (eg LGBT teens).

      95% of Americans have sex before marriage, in a country where 25% of the population are white evangelicals.


      The US state with the highest pornographic consumption per capita is Utah, along with other red states


      One study found that 79.3 percent of male evangelical college students consume pornography.


      Many males can struggle being in marriages where their female spouse adopts the role of policing extra-marital desire, when previously the sexually immature males confided in each other. This may be one reason the evangelical divorce rate is higher than for atheists and agnostics.


      Every single Western country that has low rates of religious adherence has evidence based sex education

      > Nor is it all that surprising that faith has imploded in most of the west. Every single 1st world nation that is irreligious shares a set of distinctive attributes. These include handgun control, anti-corporal punishment and anti-bullying policies, rehabilitative rather than punitive incarceration, intensive sex education that emphasizes condom use, reduced socio-economic disparity via tax and welfare systems combined with comprehensive health care, increased leisure time that can be dedicated to family needs and stress reduction, and so forth.

      > As a result the great majority enjoy long, safe, comfortable, middle class lives…

      Arizona school districts are ordering their teachers to tear out pages from biology textbooks that have information about STDs and pregnancy, to deny teenage students the ability to make informed decisions.