• How to burn a Bible


    Apparently there’s a real art to it, and the best person to give you some practical advice is this Christian:

    All you need is a cordless drill and a forest.  Just make sure you only burn “Alexandrian Satanic versions” such as the NIV – leave the KJV alone, please.

    Oh, and in case you’re worried that the narrator of the video is some little hillbilly out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and burns bibles because he’s an idiot, he assures us:

    I’m not some little hillbilly out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and burns bibles because I’m an idiot


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    Article by: Reasonably Faithless

    Mathematician and former Christian
    • RebeccaBradley

      “A truly holey Bible”…chuckle.

    • Thanks for sharing this, much lulz.

      A true gem of unintentional irony at 1:16, “It’s time to grow up and not live in fantasy land.”

    • Ammy Dilorentys

      lol, yes, the new version is capable of perverting the old version, because the old one was so nice. But I’m curious as to how much change there is. Can people just publish anything and call it the Bible? Is it really so twisted from KJV?

      I want to see this guy burn a Bible with some glitter, rip out some pages individually, make it poetic.

      • the KJV is an older version, and was based on the manuscripts of the bible that were available in the 17th century. obviously there are more manuscripts available now (and also better techniques for discovering which are more likely to be accurate), so modern translations are generally better than the KJV. for one thing, scribes when they copied biblical manuscripts – sometimes they just needed paul to be saying something he didn’t quite say, so they’d just insert what they wished he had said. and the KJV had a few of these insertions. modern “KJV only” people see the lack of these verses in other versions (such as the RSV, NIV) as flaws – they think the KJV is the real bible and new versions are perversions, with some of the good bits taken out – they think they are watered down versions of god’s word, presumably orchestrated by evil liberal bible translators who don’t want people to know the truth. the irony is that such verses should never have been there in the first place. but it’s interesting listening to debates between KJV advocates and other christians. the former explain quite well why christians really *need* certain verses to be authentic (or otherwise it is very difficult to establish certain theological ideas as “truly biblical”), while the latter do a good job of showing just why the verses in question really *aren’t* authentic.

        bart ehrman’s “misquoting jesus” covers it all really well.

    • Ammy Dilorentys

      Yes, I am SO curious. He says it’s not even based off the same texts. This will make Bible debates much more complicated. People will list verses from “the Bible,” others will hear verses that “don’t exist,” etc… very interesting…

    • Murse Joseph

      Holy. Fucking. Shit. pardon my French please…