• Ark poop problem – James McGrath


    I though this blog by James McGrath at Patheos was worth sharing:

    I don’t normally share toilet humor. But the cartoon above (shared by Scott Bailey) makes an important point. It is not enough to say that you believe a story in the Bible to be literally true and historically factual. If that story, treated as history or science, has implications, then you are saying that you take those things as literally factual as well. You cannot just say “I believe the Bible” when it comes to the flood story and not explain how they had fresh water, why if they took water with them it did not sink the ark, what they did about the humans and animals on board relieving themselves, and everything else that goes along with approaching the story in that way.

    For more Noah-related fun, check out Nonstampcollector’s excellent take on it:

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    • Diego Vera

      Good videos!

      Moving on, you will continue writing your series of posts on the arguments of natural theology: “How to argue about gods”? … It looked interesting

      • Hi Diego, yes, I certainly plan to keep going with the arguing series. Thanks for your interest!

    • Void L. Walker

      Easily fixed. This is not a “problem”, you evil God-haters! Jesus just teleported all the poo into outer space. Check-mate, Atheists!

      • Yes, in this way I kinda disagree with McGrath – whenever you can essentially say MAGIC, nothing becomes unexplainable. Your explanation reminds me a bit of Kent Hovind’s theory that the flood was caused by an asteroid crashing into the spherical mass of water that used to orbit the earth – oh, and the asteroid happened to spit off little pieces that gave all the moons in our solar system craters as a little bonus.

        • Void L. Walker

          Wow…my head. The funniest “explanation” that I ever heard of for the craters on luna came from Henry Morris. He claimed that they were formed during an epic fight between Lucifer and the arch-angel Gabriel! Now if that doesn’t give you a migraine, nothing will. As you said, once one invokes magic all rational debate flies out the window.

          • D Rizdek

            Yes, my dear sweet mother, may she RIP explained to me, and youngster at the time, that god simply made all the flood waters disappear when I asked her where it all went when it “receded.” God would’ve simply “removed” the poop, fed the animals, ensured they had good water and kept the huge wooden boat together through all the stress of floating on a huge ocean where waves would’ve been mountainous.