• Conclusive proof that there is no God


    1.  “If there were no God, there would be no atheists.” (Or so I was told by an Anglican minister.)
    2.  Therefore, the existence of an atheist is enough to prove the existence of God.
    3.  The existence of a theist is not enough to prove the existence of God.
    4.  Therefore, it is greater to be an atheist than a theist.
    5.  Therefore, since God is maximally great, God is an atheist.
    6.  God would believe in himself if he existed.
    7.  Therefore, God doesn’t exist.


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    Article by: Reasonably Faithless

    Mathematician and former Christian
    • Ian Powell

      The premise is wrong therefore …
      The source of the premise is entirely dodgy – speaking as a (reluctant to de-closet myself) an anglican minister
      The logic part was fun
      But still He loves

    • Reasonably Faithless

      Thanks Ian. Just a bit of fun 🙂

    • bungoton

      Just as entertaining as the Kalam Cosmological Argument and equally valid.

    • Copyleft

      If there were no Santa Claus, there would be no people going around claiming he doesn’t exist. Therefore, Hi Santa! Gimme a pony!