• To Hell with Donald Trump

    Let’s make this simple: Trump’s response to the Charlottesville atrocity is an utter and complete disgrace.

    I’ve previously defended the guy (here and here), but I cannot bear to listen to his wretched equivocation about “violence on both sides”.  I have no love for Antifa – they are vicious thugs – but only one side committed murder.  This matters.

    Trump sounds exactly like the wretched, slimy left making excuses for Islamic terror.  Okay, he’s not quite as bad as those who posted Nazi images in response to the Islamic massacre at Charlie Hebdo, or the rest of the wretched excusers, and he is not as bad as Michael Moore who defended the forces we now know as the Islamic State.

    So?  You know the answer to this, and so do I: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    So the hell with him.  And the hell with those wretched racialists who whined and whined when I said they were Nazis – well, here you go.

    I see there’s been another attack, this time in Spain.  Of course – why would I expect differently? – the same people crying out of Trump’s head are now finding ways to excuse that atrocity.  There’s the usual crap about “unclear motive” and “tiny minority of extremists” trotted out.

    They and Trump deserve each other.

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    Article by: The Prussian

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    • Otto T. Goat

      Trump was right to condemn violence on both sides. Even if it turns out to be intentional, James Fields driving his car into a crowd does not absolve or justify the violent criminal actions of left-wing protestors which had already occurred.

    • JB

      Everything is going to hell. I disagree with much of what Trump says or does, but the stupid thing is that when he actually does the right thing, as in his Charlottesville response, that is when he gets the most criticism. Bah Humbug.

      You’re flat out wrong on the facts. Trump was right to point out that the leftists were violent and their provocations fueled what eventually happened. He also said that the “driver of the car is a murder—a horrible, horrible, thing—inexcusable.”

    • MikeNov

      It’s not clear that murder was committed. Take a look at the drone video. Then look at the story- which said he was driving a Dodge either Charger or Challenger, and that he backed away and sped off. The drone shows the crowd hit by a minivan. The driver’s car was attacked I think with a bottle thrown at it, he panicked and hit the gas. Apparently the new Dodges have so much torque they can cause a minivan to move at speed after first hitting an intermediate car. Then the crowd came after the car, and he backed up into them.

    • nicky

      I can but agree: to Hell with Mr Trump.
      Not just Charlottesville, but his gutting of the EPA, dismantling of the State Department and potentially dangerous posturing with the DPRK, regression in education, his heartless and unwise ‘tax reform’, and quite a bit more.
      Look, I do not like the Clintons, to put it mildly, and Mr Clinton’s enabling of the Rwandan genocide is an act of the highest perfidy imaginable (I have a somewhat personal stake in there), but I still think we (the world) would have been better off with Ms Clinton (although I may be mistaken there, it is a typical ‘what if’ question).

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