• Are Islamophobes just Racists?

    Another excerpt from the Anti-Islam F.A.Q.:



    0.3  This is just another form of white xenophobia or racism.  ‘Islam isn’t a race’ is just a dodge – this is in line with prejudice against immigrants, blacks – dark skinned people in general.  Your views are just racism recast, and we should dismiss them as such.

    Please take a look at this for starters, and then read this.

    What difference would it make if I was a racist?  It simply means that a racist is right and you are wrong.  Moreover, let’s say that I am a racist and a bigot and this is all an elaborate con.  Doesn’t that make you morally obliged to take this seriously, to read through it and offer a comprehensive refutation?  If you just dismiss this, won’t you be letting other people get conned by me?

    However, please reread that first link and then look at this:

    Islamophobes: the world's most diverse bigots
    Islamophobes: the world’s most diverse bigots

    To take that from the top, left to right, row by row, these are: Sabatina James, Austrian Pakistani convert to Christianity and women’s rights activist; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali Islamic apostate and atheist, women’s rights activist; Yaron Brook, Israeli-American head of the Ayn Rand Institute; Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister; Ashin Wirathu, Burmese Buddhist and leader of the 969 movement; Bruce Bawer, gay American writer living in the Netherlands; Ibn Warraq, Islamic apostate scholar; Guillaume Faye, French neo-fascist; Robert Spencer, American Catholic conservative; Maryam Namazie, Iranian communist; Oriana Fallaci, Italian journalist and anti-fascist resistance fighter; Pim Fortuyn, former communist party member, and life-long social democrat, as well as supporter of gay rights; Brigitte Gabriel, Maronite Christian Lebanese; Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese opposition politician; Richard Dawkins, British atheist intellectual and evolutionary biologist; Sam Harris, American leftist atheist; Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist and fundamentalist Christian convert; Umar Malinde, Ugandan Christian convert; Suzanne Zeller-Hirzel, last survivor of the White Rose, the anti-Nazi resistance in Germany; Zakaria Bostros, Coptic priest; Bill Maher, US lefty comedian; V.S. Naipaul, Trinidadian writer and winner of the Nobel prize.

    Now as you may have noticed, this is about as a diverse group as you can imagine.  There is exactly one thing that unites this group, which is that they all have taken a close look at Islam and concluded that it is a menace.

    Take Islam out of the equation and just note down the number of people you’d think were broadly on ‘your team’ – your political/philosophical worldview. You don’t have to agree with all of them, or even most of them – but the miniscule chances of you not aligning with any of them, should make you ask: how is it that a group of people with exactly nothing else in common tend to converge on the same view of Islam?   Doesn’t that suggest that we might have stumbled across something valid?

    But if insist on this argument that loathing of Islam is some sort of irrational bigotry, to be lumped in with racism, well, that’s very convenient.  A certain fraction does exist that use hostility to Islam as a way of being generally xenophobic.  However, before you get smug, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin – what sort of people tend to like Islam, defend it?  Well, people like this guy:

    Heinrich Himmler, under whose guidance the Handschar SS was formed
    Heinrich Himmler, under whose guidance the Handschar SS was formed

    And this guy:

    Gotlob Berger, mastermind of the Waffen-SS, and responsible for the death-marches
    Gotlob Berger, mastermind of the Waffen-SS, and responsible for the death-marches

    And of course, this guy:


    Cheap shot?  Try the following further details:

    And so on.  In their loathing of the liberal, American-Jewish world order, they sound a lot like both Islam’s fanatics and the Islamophile defenders on the political left.

    So when someone like Ben Afleck says that criticising Islam is like saying ‘you shifty jew’, it is entirely appropriate to respond that, on the contrary, he is recycling the talking points of the most hardened white-supremacists and neo-Nazis.

    Still think it’s a cheap shot?  Well, then think twice before you attribute hatred of Islam to some sort of racist bigotry.



    Close excerpt.

    We now can add another member to the pantheon of Islamophobes:


    That’s Trevor Phillips, former head of the British and Equality Human Rights commission, who now admits that:

    ‘Britain desperately wants to think of its Muslims as versions of the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, or the cheeky-chappie athlete Mo Farah. But thanks to the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet conducted, we now know that just isn’t how it is.

    In other words, Mr Phillips is admitting the truth I documented rather extensively in my previous post: that Muslims  in huge numbers refuse the most basic requirements of liberal society.

    And Phillips is the man who introduced and promoted the term “Islamophobia” twenty years ago.

    (If I’d introduced this as a twist in fiction, I’d be howled down as too obvious).

    Now, I don’t blame him for thinking – back in 1997! – that Muslims were just like any other immigrant population.  I thought so then.  This was before 9/11, before the Mohammed riots, before 7/7, before the orgy of evidence to the contrary.  I can understand people still wanting to believe that now.

    What I can’t forgive, though, is the automatic, reflexive smearing of anyone speaking up against Islam as a racist, know-nothing bigot.  Sorry – reread this and look hard upon those faces, of the Islamophobes and Islamophiles.  That charge just won’t wash anymore.


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    • ronmurp


      I watch the Channel 4 Trev Phillips programme last night.

      I have a school friend, a black guy, who has suffered genuine racism – and still does. He’s worked in various organisations fighting for equality and against discrimination. But he sees racism everywhere. I posted a jokey internet meme pic comparing Islam to western liberalism with images representing various terms – e.g. ‘Stoned’ as someone smoking pot in the west, and a women buried up to her chest under some Islamic regime; ‘Hanging out’ showed lynching of gays in Iran; you get the idea. His total conviction was that to use that image was racist, because some racists use it too. Never mind the horrors of the Islam images; it took a long exchange and lots of persistence to the point of my own boredom before he acknowledged that the Islam images were ‘bad’, and yet still zero attribution of any of these very Islamic practices spelled out in Islamic texts.

      Reason and evidence is a tough sell.

    • Clare45

      I watched the TV documentary. It’s enough to make anyone Islamophobic. Particularly the part where the study indicated that as many as 100,000 British muslims would not report someone to the police who they thought was involved with Isis.
      Islam is not a race, it is a religion or political movement, so the term racism is inappropriate.

    • kraut2

      Why is it considered a negative being Islamophobic? Being phobic means I assessed the potential of harm being done by that religion and therefore fear its effect on societies. It says nothing about the ethnicity of those following that religion, considering some of the most rabid jihadists come from the Caucasus…the area we Caucasians draw our designation from.
      By the same token I could be considered Christianophobic, as this religion also has proven its potential for destructing societies. The latter however has undergone some reformatory efforts and is not such a clear and present danger anymore.

      And then is this: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.713917

      • im-skeptical

        A phobia is an irrational fear. The implication of ‘Islamophobia’ is that you haven’t made any kind of rational assessment.

        • kraut2

          Simple Definition of -phobia
          : an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something
          Full Definition of -phobia
          1 : exaggerated fear of
          2 : intolerance or aversion for


          Nope, nothing about irrational there. Strong dislike – check
          intolerance or aversion – check, after hearing the bullshit by some Mullahs and reading statements by believers, observing their reactions and generally stomaching of their bullshit as much as possible, and reading some surahs of the fictional account by someone called Mohammed – whatever I could stand before being bored out of my mind by the constant threats, admonitions, haranguing of the protagonist called Allah.

    • john lord

      Can anyone stick ‘phobic’ onto the end of whatever they want people to stop criticising? Or is there a ‘phobic’ at the end of a word licensing authority, where only approved groups such as trans people and Muslims are allowed it’s use? Why not banker phobic, or globalisation phobic, or dictatorphobic

    • colin macdonald

      And by the same token there are plenty of blond haired blue eyed Muslims in Bosnia, Albania, Turkey, Syria and so on.

    • kraut2


      Interesting take on the “immigration” problem, as you are still a German and I am an Expat back in Europe again:

      “The influx into Germany and which is overflowing to the rest of Europe
      amounts to an invasion because permission was not sought from the
      ordinary people who bear the impact on jobs, housing, social and natural
      environment of these colossal numbers of people. At the same time the
      immigration flows are the result of wars that European leaders and
      global commerce are inflicting on the sending countries”

      “Talk of ‘diversity’ as if different ethnicity/religion is the only feature of the problem of mass immigration to Europe is to ignore the sheer numbers of people seeking work and housing. Such huge changes in demand form the greater part of economic and social impact and the resultant hardship and inconvenience is an affront to citizens who were not consulted.”

    • Timov

      It’s a pity that you took so damned long to figure out what Islam is really all about. Those of us who actually paid attention have known it for decades…

      • ThePrussian

        Timov, please remember that knowing my blog doesn’t equal knowing me in real life. I’ve been on the Islam beat for ten years, and kicking up a fuss all over the place for many of those.

        This blog is an attempt to do something new and something effective.

    • CC

      Excellent research site specializing on connections between Nazism and Islam (particularly the Muslim Brotherhood): tellchildrenthetruth dot com.