• Proud to be German

    I am so proud to be German right now.

    The last time this happened, during the Danish riots, there was nothing but the most abject surrender across the board, and Charlie Hebdo was forced to bear this burden nearly alone (with the Western Standard, and some back up from the two main Objectivist groups I might add)

    Not this time.  All the biggest names across Germany are republishing the cartoons.


    The Taggesschau 

    Frankfurter Rundschau 


    Frankfurter Algemeiner

    Der Spiegel



    So. Damn. Proud. Of this country right now.

    As the Frankfurter Algemeiner has pointed out, Germany is practicing what America only preaches.

    What I am hacked off about is that Hebdo is completely sold out everywhere.  Wanted a copy…

    But I think that this shows a way forward.  Let’s say you don’t want to tackle the subject of Islam.  Fair enough, it can be scary.  Here is what you can do.  You can get some resources to the people who do, do so.  Buy their books or donate.  Work out what you can spare, and help.

    United we stand, divided we fall.




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    Article by: The Prussian

    • JBP

      Good for Germany! But I have to say, I saw a cartoon published by USA Today. Americans are a weird people. We are torn between being desperately wanting to be liked and being willing to stand against tyranny. It takes entirely too much to rouse us. *sigh* But if these idiots finally succeed, there will be hell to pay.

    • I have a deep affection for Germany, but “Germany is practicing what America only preaches.”? This is not in any way correct. Germany has many restrictions on speech and expression America does not. This includes anything related to Nazis, swasticas, holocaust denial, etc.., but also things like making rude gestures at people (a friend of mine was fined for this). The list of banned media in Germany is long.

      Conversely, the American news media referred to in the article you link are private corporations. You may rightly call those companies cowardly, as FAZ is, but they are not the government. They are exercising their own freedoms. They are not “America”.

      Most Americans don’t even get their news from network TV or traditional print newspapers.

      • kraut2

        Also – to insult somebody is punishable. I can call the Prime minister of Canada an asshole – which he is in my considered opinion. Try that in Germany


        just to be a spelling Nazi.

        However – considering Ms Angela Merkel’s politics to side with the US in provoking Russia by supporting former countries of the Warsaw pact to now join Nato, contrary to the deal that was reached that permitted the unification of Germany with the approval of by the then USSR – I still find the German behaviour towards one of their important trading partners rather shameful and ill considered. Something that will hang around the Germans neck for quite some time…as if they didn’t have enough on their shit account toward Russia already.

      • ThePrussian

        I don’t disagree with either of you on either of these points. I simply was pointing out that that US media is going to the absurd length of pixellating the Hebdo cartoons. Now I hear a lot from Americans about Europeans being so easily cowed into submission, while America is the land of the First and Second Amendments. Well, it doesn’t do much good having the First Amendment if you don’t use it.

        You are of course, quite right, that most Americans don’t get their news from corporate media.

    • Goosebumps

      What do you think of the PEGIDA marches? Are they a good idea, and are the people involved decent types?

      • ThePrussian

        Honestly, they frighten me. There are one too many Lonsdale sweaters for me to be comfortable with them. But – what, exactly, do people expect? People like me have been banging on about this for years now – that if liberal minded people do not start getting real about Islam, bringing the necessary critical pressure to bear on it – then the torch will be passed to far less pleasant types. So, yeah, it looks like we’re screwed.

        The one thing that I like is that there is a chance – not a certainty, but a chance – that this will force our elites to get serious.

        • WFC

          Why do they frighten you?

          The are marchi … Erm … strolling, because they are against the Islamification of Germany.

          Why would that frighten somebody who is also against it? More importantly, why aren’t you walking with them?

          You think them “less pleasant”? Well that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, doesn’t it? If ‘nice’ people who agree with their (stated) aim keep away, then the only people who benefit are those who want to demonise both these strollers and their stated cause!

          • ThePrussian

            I mentioned the Lonsdale hoodies – those are associated with the neo-Nazi scene.

            But, I agree with you about the self-fulfilling prophecy. I can’t blame anyone for going along to one of these, and also can’t blame anyone for not doing so.

    • TheJeebus

      Proud of something you were born into? Proud of something that has zero accomplishment behind it?