• The right-wing SJWs

    As most people know that dhimmitude and generally smearing of those that stand up to Islam, tends to come from the Western left. That’s true, and I’ve been slamming Western lefties hard on this subject.  However, it’s worth noting that there is a decidedly conservative voice that sounds off in defense of Islam, or at least against Islam’s critics.

    Case in point, Mian Yiannopoulos, writing this and this for Breitbart.com, where he attacks Malala Yousafzai for being ‘a bit of a bore’.  Apparently, Malala is writing slightly portentously and as though she’s the sole discoverer of many social ills.

    Well, here’s a little factoid that seems to have escaped Mr Yiannopoulos: Malala is seventeen.  Remember the way you thought back then?

    He’s also annoyed that she still wears the hijab and hasn’t left the faith.  Allow me to quote myself:

    My response to your criticism is – please get real.  Perfect consistency is a fool’s errand.  Every great struggle of emancipation has had questionable involvement – Qadaffi and Castro were fast friends of Mandela and I do not think that this discredits the anti-Apartheid struggle.

    He further pontificates that:

    Malala fights for education from a safe platform in the UK, where there are vanishingly few problems by global standards.

    The idea that Britain is a safe place to speak out against Islamic backwardness is not the most well supported  one.  But I imagine he was too busy saying that Malala was a megabore like, er, Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Another example from the US right comes from Pat Buchanan.  Here he is defending foreign aid for HAMAS, and defending the ‘right’ of Muslims to be ‘offended’ by the Muhammad cartoons.

    Then there’s Christine Odone having a go at Ayaan Hirsi Ali for being ‘obsessive’ and ‘simplistic’.

    And of course, as I keep pointing out, Dinesh D’Souza has written a whole book explaining how 9/11 was a justifiable reaction to American cultural decadence. Not to mention the evil nonsense that people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell put out.

    What people need to remember is that those who hate Western liberal democratic and capitalist society are united by that hatred far more than they are divided by anything else.

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    Article by: The Prussian