• Life under Islamic colonization

    Britain is set to make criticizing Shariah law enough to have you labelled as an ‘extremist’ and be forcibly shut up.  So if you find that this blog suddenly isn’t here one day, you’ll know what happened.

    Yes, the law also mentions people who criticize gay marriage – and groups like Boko Haram and ISIS.

    Now, if you think for one second those last groups are going to have any trouble from this law, then you’re a fool.  Three hundred returning jihadis from ISIS have just been let into the country, rather than be expelled, or, preferably, tried for treason and hung.

    So Britain is now a country where it is illegal to criticize Shariah.

    But, but but – I keep being told that things like creeping Shariah and Islamization are just a conspiracy theory!  So, how can this be happening?

    Well, for those of you who have taken that line – when then next terrorist attack happens, or the next Rotherham comes to light, and we know why it wasn’t stopped in advance – this is on you.

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    Article by: The Prussian

    • kraut2

      Please – that law is aimed against any criticism the government for whatever reason wants to be considered extremist.
      It is just one aspect where critique of Islam could be deemed extremist. Many other forms – opposing same sex marriage, opposing christian fundamentalism etc fall under this utterly stupid law.
      Too bad for the liberal/left bashers that this law has been brewed in the supposedly free speech advocates conservative kitchen.
      Political correctness a virus infecting throughout the political spectrum?

      • ThePrussian

        Exactly. Who do you think is more likely to get prosecuted under this law?

        a) Some Christian preacher who dislikes gay marriage?
        b) Me, for opposing Shariah?
        c) A firebreathing Imam who says he wants to see ‘a’ and ‘b’ killed?

        There will be zero, that is, zero prosecutions of c, believe you me.

        • kraut2

          Considering the history of accommodation towards radical Islamic clergy by English law enforcement you are likely being right of never seeing scenario c.