• Whining about Feynman

    It turns out that Feynman wasn’t always nice when it came to women.

    And the usual crowd are getting all huffy about this.


    SJW’s on their usual rampage, which once again proves that their principle desire is to bring people down, rather than raise themselves up.

    So Feynman wasn’t always the nicest in his relationships.  Neither was Einstein, or for that matter, Martin Luther King.

    Think you’ll see similar chest-thumping about Dr King?  No?  Wonder why…

    For the record, it’s not that I dispute this.  It’s that I don’t care.  Men like Feynman advanced humanity substantially, and their record is something the rest of us can only aspire to.  I just can’t bring myself to care about this nonsense.


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    Article by: The Prussian

    • Jack Rawlinson

      I read the story about this yesterday. It’s been so long since I read “Surely you’re joking…” that I’d almost forgotten the section in question. But not quite. I remember finding it vaguely distasteful at the time, but not to the extent that the usual suspects are finding it now, in the condemnatory, revisionary, spartalicious 21st century.

      The story is that some acquaintance of Feynmann’s basically suggested that he would have more “success” with women if he didn’t buy them things, and treated them with disdain and even disrespect. This idea was, of course, more recently rehashed by the “pick-up artists”, and given the term “negging”; as in “saying negative things” about potential pick-ups.

      The reasons I more-or-less gave Feynmann a pass on it were:

      1. He was a man of his time. Women were still second-class citizens; it still was common, and widely seen as normal and acceptable, to take a sort of predatory attitude when trying to get laid. This, of course, is not saying such attitudes were okay, only that they were the prevailing ones, and Feynmann was as subject to such social and cultural norms as anyone else. How many of us can confidently state that attitudes we currently have – perhaps with regard to animal rights, religious tradition, attitudes to marriage etc – will not be seen as archaic and even immoral in fifty years’ time? THe modern tendency by certain faux-liberals to apply contemporary moral and political stances to former generations is irrational and unjust.

      2. What Feynmann did was to perform an experiment. He tried out the “negging” method to see what happened. He had some “success”. He recorded that he found that interesting. In other words, he behaved in accordance with his scientific nature: see an idea? Test it. That said, this was the bit that caused me the discomfort at the time: applying such an approach to actual human beings trying to have human interactions to the best of their ability seemed a little cold and unfeeling. Still, the point is that Feynmann’s approach was not that of the pick-up artist (“I must get laid by any means necessary”) it was that of the experimenter (“I have been given a proposed method for getting laid. I shall test it.”)

      3. At the end of the story, he says this:

      “So it worked even with an ordinary girl! But no matter how effective the lesson was, I never really used it after that. I didn’t enjoy doing it that way. But it was interesting to know that things worked much differently from how I was brought up.”

      He didn’t enjoy doing it that way. Even though it was “interesting”, and different from how he had been brought up. That, to me, indicates that he knew it was a rotten way to behave. And so he stopped doing it.

      Given these points (not to mention everything else we know about the man) I find the people retroactively whaling on him for this far more morally repulsive and creepy than I find him.

    • kraut2

      This seems to be a perfect illustration of the standards of american morality: put your nose into my business who I fuck with.
      Did he abuse children? NO. Did he rape some body? NO. Did he maybe exert his influence as a prof to get laid? MAYBE. So – did he get charged with any indecent behaviour or any of the above? NO. So why do you put your fucking nose under his bedsheets?
      It is the american way, thats why.

      Thats the same bullshit that hampered Clinton during his second term. The self righteousness of self appointed morality watchdogs on the left and the right trying to police the private lives of folks. as the western Taliban or the Iranian or Saudi morality police.
      Just fuck those arseholes.

    • So Feynman got laid by disrespecting women (technically, *it worked*) and feminazis get mad because it worked and he concluded so?

      And they’re mad AT HIM? Are they fucking batshit crazy? (Rethorical, of course they’re!)

      Well, maybe if that hadn’t got him laid he would’ve concluded it doesn’t work, right?