• A modest suggestion to the neoreactionaries and white nationalists

    Since I seem to have poked the hornets nest with my anti-racialist Q & A, here’s my little olive branch.

    Okay, you are opposed to non-white immigration to Europe and America.  Fine.  Here’s a suggestion: why not do something about the principle cause of migration?  Most migration is the result of the better economic opportunities available in the West.

    There is one simple, straightforward thing that can be done to improve the economic prospects of the rest of the world and incidentally, our own:

    Kill the trade barriers.

    The West currently pours an absolute fortune into asinine subsidies and maintains a gross system of trade  barriers against the world’s poorest.  To phrase it another way, a clique of crony-socialist megacorps and bent politicians enrich themselves at the expensive of the Western working man, and the poor in the developing world, and then proceed to facilitate high immigration levels to sop their consciences.

    If you keep on pissing on everyone else, you will get exactly nowhere.  If you argue that immigration is providing a cover for an unjust and insupportable world order, you just might.

    So, come on!  “Neoreactionary white nationalists for trade justice for Africa” – now there’s an opportunity to troll the establishment.  Whaddya say?

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    Article by: The Prussian

    • Peter

      African lament: “When you came we had the land and you had the bibles. Now, you have the land and we have the bibles.”

      • ThePrussian

        True enough. I think I’ve seen that credited to Desmond Tutu

        • Peter

          Yah I had it written in my notebook but didn’t put the source which I always do. But TuTu sounds right, I can hear him saying that.

        • Peter

          Actually, Prussian, out of curiosity I went searching for the author of that quote. It was Chief Dan George who you might remember from Little Big Man. A Canadian native activist and he was speaking about the horrid Residential School System in Canada run by the Catholics and Anglicans in the 19th and 20th century. It is still a festering sore for our aboriginal people. How come your latest posts aren’t listed, fighting with powers-to-be?

          • ThePrussian

            Don’t know “Little Big Man” – was that a film?

            Don’t know what’s going on with the recent posts; been trying to sort it out with Ed, but goodness knows what’s going wrong there.

            • Peter

              Yes It starred Dustin Hoffman as the “little big man’. Great film from way back when.

            • ThePrussian

              Cool :-)