• Friday jihad round up

    Nearly half a million Christians flee Jihad in the Central African Republic.  Okay, there’s a rumor that Angola bans Islam and people are up in arms.  all over the world.  Literally in the Islamic world.  This happens and…

    German critic of Islam found alive and well.

    Head teacher apologises for forcing kids to attend an Islam awareness class.

    Anti-Islam trumps Islam in the West – we can only hope.

    Muslim rock attack seriously wounds baby.

    French feminists unite against the veil.

    Islamic front embraces jihad.

    Syrian civil war portrayed as “five star jihad”.

    World’s most confusing headline “people to declare jihad if terrorism not stopped”

    Tunisia jihadists go to Syria and prepare to return to war at home.

    Nigeria police destroy a quarter million bottles of beer.  Shariah in action.

    Norway’s largest ever Muslim convention demands death by stoning for homosexuals.

    Judge cancels sentence on jihadist planning mass murder because of warrantless wiretapping.

    Two British citizens arrested in Kenya for wanting to wage jihad.

    Another two former Gitmo detainees found engaging in jihad.

    Seven jihadis blow themselves up in a mosque.

    Historically unprecedented numbers of European jihadists in Syria.  Remind me how concern over unrestricted Muslim immigration is just fear mongering again.

    Fighting Shi’ites an act of jihad, Muslims told.  No kidding.

    “Syria rebel chief disavows ‘alien’ Islam of jihadists.”  Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

    Six Afghans murdered for teaching girls to read.

    FBI stats belie “Islamophobia myth”.

    Group of 15 jihadists seized in Moscow with weapons and explosives.

    Another 71 Christians murdered in Nigeria.

    Muslim Brotherhood financing Al Qaeda.




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    Article by: The Prussian