• Sweden commits suicide

    Sweden is offering blanket asylum to all, yes all, refugees from the Syrian civil war.  What could go wrong?

    Well, this for a start.

    If the Swedish far-left gov’t is crazy enough to think the Swedish people will take this indefinitely, they need to have their medication examined.  So the ultimate nightmare of a civil war between the Breiviskist far right right and the Islamic far-right just got a lot closer.

    If anyone wants me I’ll be drinking.

    Exit question: are they doing anything, anything to help the Egyptian copts or Nigerian Christians?

    UPDATE: Bang on cue, the EDL starts targeting Ahmadiyya Muslims; i.e., a genuinely non-violent sect that hasn’t caused any trouble I have heard of (and you may take it as read that I am no bleeding heart about Islam).  If anyone wants me, I will be drinking more.

    UPDATE x 2: Just so this isn’t misunderstood, I’m in favour of immigration and in favour of helping asylum seekers.  I have written before about helping, e.g., the Egyptian copts.  But not at the cost of sanity.  It is guaranteed that a hefty chunk of Syrian “refugees” will be hardcore Jihadists.

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    Article by: The Prussian

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    • Miika H

      Sweden doesn’t have a far-left govt. It has a coalition cabinet consisting of four non-socialist parties. The last time Sweden had a leftist government was in 2006, and the social democrats are hardly “far-left”.

      • ThePrussian

        I stand corrected – it has been some time since I’ve looked at the composition of the Swedish government. Thanks for the correction! :-)

        • ARealisticSwede

          He is out of his mind. The Swedish government is pro-immigration just because they want to seem morally superior. And if you take a look on our taxes you will see how socialist the Swedish government is.
          God save us.

    • top

      Why is that country (Sweden) committing suicide? The syrian crisis is an arab crisis and the rich arab sheiks from the arabian peninsula should be caring for these refugees.But they prefer to invest their money in the construction of yet another mosque in christian countries. What are the sweden democrats saying about it? What is Sweden’s responsability with syrian muslim refugees who flee a conflict that is thousands of kilometers away from Sweden?
      The ahmadiyya-sect is probably not involved in terrorist activity, but they have an even more reactionary ideology than Sunnis and Shiites and yes they also dream of changing Europe into a muslim caliphat.

    • T. Desertyard

      I’m not sure why you brought up Breivik in this, as he is Norwegian, not Swedish.

      • ThePrussian

        He’s European, that’s what counts. He has admirers all over the place.

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